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new moon Solar eclipse - Dec 4 2021 in ophiuchus

The Solar Eclipse will reach it's maximum at 7:33 GMT/UTC. The New Moon will begin at 7:43 GMT/UTC. This is a powerful Solar Eclipse that represents Genetic Upgrades and Kundalini Ascensions which will bring many of us into Whol'e'ness and a state of higher consciousness. Ophiuchus represents the organic not the synthetic, although, over a period of time it has become more relevant that the synthetic use of chemicals etc. has over powered the organic, therefore, making it a necessity to bring a balance between the two.

This will be an emotional time and a lot will be revealed over the next few month's, some of us are already in that knowing and even if we are not prepared materially, we are spiritually. Only faith and a love of humanity will get us through these coming months. 2022 will be a year to make some very important decisions about our lives and what role we are willing to take on for a much greater cause! Unity and community spirit will be the key to finding solutions to a world in crisis.

Affirmation for this New Moon Solar Eclipse: When I lean on the Faith of the Universe. Peace becomes real.

Peace & Much Love <3


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