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New Moon Solar Eclipse - Jupiter Uranus Conjunction - April 2024

Greetings Kindred

The year 2024 was destined to be a year of upheaval, much like its predecessor in 2020, where significant celestial and global events unfolded. Similar to 2020's anomaly of five eclipses instead of the usual four, this year too presents an almost unprecedented occurrence of nearly five eclipses, albeit the fifth one may not achieve totality, its significance remains intertwined with those of 2020.

Moreover, a rare conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus is slated for the 21st, coinciding with the comet Pons Brooks nearing its closest approach to the Sun, known as Perihelion. Further insights on this cosmic phenomenon are elaborated in my latest Cosmic Update.

To navigate through the intense emotional energies, which are undeniably stirring, sound baths, Epsom salt soaks, and ample rest are recommended. The restlessness that has been brewing since just before the Lunar Eclipse last month has been exacerbated, particularly with Mercury retrograding through Pisces. While profound healing is underway for many in the grand scheme of things, the immediate term may be marked by erratic and disruptive energies.

Please click on the image to watch my latest Cosmic Update....

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Thank you so much SiStar! ⛎💖😘💛

Sending Much Peace and Love to you and your family 🙏🏿

Rastar 13
Rastar 13
Apr 11
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