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Lilith was more commonly known as Nepthys, she gained the name Lilith after her spiritual awakening. Lilith herself has been demonised throughout the Ages due to her infidelity that enraged her husband Set (Enlil). Out of all the Ancient 'Gods' Lilith has been demonised the most. She was the beautiful Queen of Maldek, a Planet that used to be a part of our Solar System, she was extremely unhappy and suffered deep abandonment issues which led to her demise and eventually demonisation. 

In Astrology Lilith is represented in many different forms, the Asteroid Lilith represents her younger years before she hit rock bottom and had her spiritual awakening, the Lilith that was in her ego and ignorant of her deep wounds and abandonment issues. The Black Moon True Node is the Lilith that I personally work with astrologically when it comes to our Shadow Side and the effect it has on our daily lives. This invisible point is the evolved Lilith, the one that ascended and came to the realisation that happiness only comes to those who embrace unconditional love which starts with the self. Self recognition is the first step on the journey towards enlightenment and inner strength. 

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KL Star Background_edited.jpg

lilith in the signs

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces

The Black Moon Lilith in Pisces has a Shadow of vulnerability which creates trust issues with those that come across as too nice, often the opinion is, that these people must have an agenda. The goal here for Piscian Lilith, is to let their guard down once in a while, with the appropriate people of course and this can be done by using the process of  rationalisation rather than  idealisation. But! Most of all, it is important that the Piscian Lilith learns to focus on their own gifts and talents as much as they do other peoples. 


Black Moon Lilith in Aries

The Shadow Side of the Black Moon Lilith in Aries is a feeling of unworthiness.  Aries is the hero, the protector of the underdog and needs to feel worthy and successful. The Arian Lilith tends towards having issues with status and low self esteem , comparing their outcomes  with other peoples success. The goal here for the Arian Lilith,  is to overcome their ego and not judge their own success or standards by other peoples and to recognise and value themselves  as unique individuals with unique individual talents.

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

The Shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Taurus is often regarding 'scarcity' Taurus strives to find security in physical/material comforts and the Black Moon Lilith in this sign tends to create issues around a sense of not having enough to feel safe. Therefore, the Taurian Lilith will  over compensate by collecting things of material value, or compulsively over indulging themselves. The goal here for the Taurian Lilith, is to not fill their sense of emptiness with 'things' and to push themselves out of their comfort zones, by developing their spiritual awareness and inner strength over their material concerns.

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini

Rejection is the Shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, where there tends to be too much focus on what other people think. The Geminian Lilith tends to judge others of being selfish, or not doing the right thing, which is often their own projection of not always coming through on their own set goals or intentions. The goal here for the Geminian Lilith, is to get out of their heads and  to follow through on their own guidance, with confidence, and not caring about what other people 'may' think.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer

The Black Moon Lilith in Cancer tends to suffer abandonment issues. The Cancerian Lilith is a natural nurturer but tends to feel a sense of  loneliness and a lack of support. So co-depency, or clinginess, can be to their demise and also their pet hate. The goal here for the Cancerian Lilith, is to learn to trust in their own self power and use their own unique wisdom and knowledge for the betterment of all.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo

The shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Leo,  is their extreme dislike of change. Status and recognition are very important to the Leonian Lilith and any sort of 'change' could mean losing their grip on 'control.' The Leonian Lilith tends to be arrogant and self centred which can make them come across as overbearing or vain. The goal here is for leonian Lilith  to give credit where credit is due and be open to the opportunities and benefits that can present themselves in times where change is necessary.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo

The Shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, is a deep apprehension when it comes to 'failure', which then creates a feeling of unworthiness.  The Virgoan Lilith  tends to be excessive when it comes to detail and therefore, tends to overwork themselves and others, due to their constant criticism and incompetency issues. The goal here is for the Virgoan Lilith  to not focus too much on possible flaws or errors, and not feel that they have to  fix everything!

Black Moon Lilith in Libra

The Shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Libra is their sense of loneliness and isolation which tends to stem from their issues around perfection and unrealistic expectations. The Librian Lilith  has problems with forming boundaries and tends to criticise others on, 'how things seem', or 'appear.' Over perfectionism tends to be their demise. The goal here, is for the Librian Lilith

to become more comfortable in their own skin and to see the beauty in everything, especially when it comes to imperfections. Not everything is black and white! Colour and variety is the spice of life.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio

The Shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, is a deep need to avoid endings and losing. Losing face is a harbinger for the Scorpion Lilith. Losing is just not in their nature and any sense of loss on the horizon will cause the Scorpion Lilith to go all out to avoid this impending disaster. Power Struggles  and competitiveness is often to their demise, as sooner or later they will come across someone, or a situation that outwits them.  The goal here for the Scorpion Lilith, is to learn how to accept closure and loss as 'genuine' cycles of life, which is a natural process that teaches us how to embrace humility and empathy for others, so that enlightenment and a new journey can begin. 

Black Moon Lilith in Ophiuchus

The Shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Ophiuchus, is one of persecution, blame and shame, there is a great sense of burden and a lack of tact when it comes to the Ophiuchan Lilith's stance, which tends to create a sense of alienation where others and themselves can feel very uncomfortable. The goal here for the Ophiuchan Lilith, is to allow others into their space who are genuinely keen to learn from them, which in turn, will help them to overcome their sense of not fitting in.

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius

The Shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, is a deep sense of meaningless which creates issues around truth and honesty, The Sagittarian Lilith projects  a great distaste for people that lie or come across as naive. The goal here, is to not persistently seek the ultimate answer and to accept that 'truth' comes from many different perspectives. The Sagittarian Lilith needs to learn to recognise authenticity and not always need proof.

The Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn

The Shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn is a deep sense of neglect, or not being acknowledged, this creates issues caused by a controlling nature and attention seeking behaviour.  The Capricornian Lilith  has a tendency towards bossiness and negative reactions. The goal here, is for them to learn to be comfortable when not in control and to stand up for themselves in a 'self controlled' way.

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius

The Shadow of the Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius is a sense of powerlessness and not having their own way. This tends to cause  power struggles and a high expectation for others to be strong and assertive. The Aquarian Lilith is bold and a great risk taker and has aa great need to prove themselves by any means necessary. The goal here for the Aquarian Lilith,  is to learn to ask for help and to stop being so detached or stubborn. they must also learn control over their need to overpower others.

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