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Lilith, originally known as Nepthys, adopted the name Lilith after a profound spiritual awakening. Throughout history, Lilith has endured demonization, primarily due to her perceived infidelity that angered her husband Set (Enlil). Among ancient 'Gods,' Lilith has faced the most vilification, once reigning as the beautiful Queen of Maldek—a planet once part of our solar system. Deep-seated abandonment issues and profound unhappiness led to her eventual downfall and the subsequent demonization she endured.

In astrology, Lilith takes on various representations. The Asteroid Lilith symbolizes her earlier years, marked by ego and ignorance of her deep wounds. The Black Moon True Node, the Lilith I personally engage with astrologically, signifies the evolved Lilith who embraced unconditional self-love after a spiritual awakening. Self-recognition becomes the first step toward enlightenment and inner strength.

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KL Star Background_edited.jpg

lilith in the signs

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces:

Piscian Lilith faces trust issues, perceiving excessive niceness as potentially deceptive. The goal is to balance rationalization with idealization and focus on personal gifts and talents.

Black Moon Lilith in Aries:

Arian Lilith struggles with unworthiness and compares success with others. Overcoming ego, judging success independently, and recognizing unique individuality are key objectives.

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus:

Taurian Lilith wrestles with scarcity concerns, seeking security in material comforts. Overcoming materialism and embracing spiritual awareness are essential for growth.

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini:

Geminian Lilith grapples with a fear of rejection, often overly concerned with others' opinions. The goal is to follow personal guidance confidently, regardless of external judgments.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer:

Cancerian Lilith experiences abandonment issues and struggles with loneliness. Building self-trust and using unique wisdom for the benefit of all are crucial goals.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo:

Leonian Lilith dislikes change, clinging to status and recognition. Embracing change, giving credit where due, and recognizing opportunities are key objectives.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo:

Virgoan Lilith fears failure, leading to feelings of unworthiness. Balancing attention to detail, avoiding overwork, and accepting imperfections are essential goals.

Black Moon Lilith in Libra:

Librian Lilith battles loneliness and isolation due to perfectionism. Becoming comfortable in one's skin, appreciating imperfections, and embracing variety are crucial objectives.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio:

Scorpion Lilith fears loss and engages in power struggles. Accepting closure, loss, and cultivating humility and empathy are essential for growth.

Black Moon Lilith in Ophiuchus:

Ophiuchan Lilith faces persecution, blame, and shame, fostering a sense of alienation. The goal is to allow genuine connections and overcome the discomfort of not fitting in.

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius:

Sagittarian Lilith struggles with a sense of meaninglessness. Learning to accept various truths and recognizing authenticity are essential objectives.

Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn:

Capricornian Lilith contends with neglect, seeking control and attention. Learning to be comfortable without control and asserting oneself in a self-controlled manner are key goals.

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius:

Aquarian Lilith grapples with powerlessness and a desire for dominance. Learning to ask for help, avoiding detachment, stubbornness, and overpowering tendencies are crucial for growth.

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