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Ophiuchus & the hunger games

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On the 30th November the Sun moves into Ophiuchus, mystical Ophiuchus who is normally overlooked most of the time, since they live under the shadows in deep contemplation, trying hard to avoid any potential attention from authoritive figures. Ophiuchus live by their own rules and have no understanding of the conventional ways that have been created by man, they live close to the natural source, tuned in at birth with no ability to adapt, to a system that is so out of touch with the Earth’s natural rhythm.

Ophiuchus hates confrontation, they have accepted that very few will understand their quirky natures and metaphysical practice’s that have been misunderstood for many a century, but somehow, regardless of how hard they try to avoid this confrontation, they always seem to find themselves in the middle of a revolution!

These masters of magic and metaphysical sciences have no choice but to walk a fine line between good and evil; unfortunately, either through complete misunderstanding or pure genius they will eventually be exposed to the public/media arena, just like Katnis in the ‘Hunger Games’. Katnis who keeps her head down through fear of being nominated to the yearly brutal games created by the supremacy for their own pleasure, there can only be one survivor in this cruel and inhumane game and the 12 districts are folly to the heartless authority that controls their domains. Every year each district is under threat, whilst the wardens choose their prey, regardless of age or sex. As Katnis’s younger sister falls victim to the district warden’s nomination, Katnis has no other way of saving her, other than to sacrifice herself in her sister’s place. Katnis survives the ‘games’ by using her sharp instinct and innocent heart and having grown up in the 12th district, is a scholar of archery, she represents the 12th month of Sagittarius and even uses the Sagittarian’s element of ‘fire’ as her gimmick of promotion.

As Katnis evolves through the ‘games’ and becomes loved by all, the supremacy decides that she must die, she has become a threat to their system and a trophy to the 13th district! The 13th district that was wiped off the map due to their rebellion against the cruel system, but there have been survivors from this district, who have formed an underground movement that grows daily, becoming more threatening to the supremacy who are afraid that these rebellions will filter into the other 12 districts and cause the anarchy that is inevitable. As the 13th district re-emerges with Katnis as their mascot and glimmer of hope, Katnis finds herself in the middle of a revolution that is so completely unexpected. This is the story of Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus the 13th sign, who has been living behind the veil of Sagittarius, but is now re-emerging in this time of crisis not by choice, but by fate.

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