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What an amazing man Walter is, he truly is a leading force when it comes to bringing traditional science and metaphysics back into unity. For many years these two subjects have been in a big divide, as science demands evidence (which is not literally based on fact, but conclusion!) Whilst metaphysics demands open mindedness and a continued investigation. Walter is a Virgo Sun with a Pisces Moon, a fantastic combination since the Virgoan Sun is practical minded with a great ability and patience for study and research, especially when it comes to statistics and evaluations. Whilst the Piscian Moon is very psychic, empathic and spiritual, with great healing abilities. Walter is definitely a rare gem in the scientific community and not afraid to venture into subjects that other scientists just wouldn't touch upon. Although, through his many years of presenting lectures, consultations and his persistence in building on, and growing forward thinking movements, he has succeeded in opening both doors and minds in the scientific community and public arena. Although Walter has now retired from his very fast paced life, he continues his research at a much more leisurely pace in which he truly deserves. Please find his latest update below.

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My research continues in a really exciting area and the advances made recently delights me enormously. That of Second Sight, ESP, clairvoyance and the underlying science of all trans-temporal and trans-domain operations.

The research leads on from astrology: human bio-resonant systems are able to align with astro-resonant cycles. This is why 13 zodiac is so important. If interpretations are to be meaningful one must use the ‘TRUE’ energy. I will offer a very short, simple synopsis without quantum mechanical detail or maths.

Those who are sensitive to energies experience events though conciseness (even feelings are conscious). Therefore consciousness and trans-temporal etc. events must be intimately linked.

1) Penrose believes consciousness is not computational and is beyond current neuroscience, biology or classical physics. Basic properties of quantum information can exist in multiple states simultaneously i.e.: superposition and entanglement. Quantum coherence occurs when a system acts together in one quantum state.

Microtubules exist in eukaryotic cells (Hameroff) and their symmetry and lattice structure is indicative of quantum mechanical ‘architecture’. However, you would need more than a continuous flood of random moments of quantum coherence to have any impact on consciousness. The process needs to be structured or orchestrated. In the Penrose-Hameroff theory of Orchestrated Objective Reduction these moments of conscious awareness are orchestrated by the microtubules in our brains, which have the capacity to store and process information and memory. Objective Reduction refers to Penrose’s ideas about quantum gravity and how superposition applies to different spacetime geometries.

Consciousness can be explained (in part!) by quantum coherence in microtubules We are able to bridge the gap between the physical and immaterial worlds.

2) Many animals have the ability to detect magnetic fields: magneto reception. Many studies worldwide are now underway to investigated the role of quantum interactions within magneto receptors leading to quantum magneto reception.

Superposition and entanglement are genuine quantum effects which are not only observed in isolated and highly controlled laboratory systems, but also in biological relevant systems. At Innsbruck University a world leading group of quantum physicists are investigating this phenomenon – Briegel. I have visited and attended a meeting with this group. I also read the global scientific literature and have even submitted a paper.

The Innsbruck researchers wanted to know whether the electrons in quantum magneto receptors needed to be quantum mechanically entangled, or whether classical correlations were sufficient to account for their sensitivity. The answer depended on radical-pair lifetimes: for short lifetimes, such as in the case of a molecule used in recent spin-chemistry experiments, entanglement is a prominent feature. Yet for long lifetimes entanglement does not seem to play a significant role.

Thus in the human brain quantum magneto receptors are active and are capable of quantum entanglement. Time is an emergent phenomenon that is a side effect of quantum entanglement. In other words time is an entanglement phenomenon: the past, the present and the future rolled into one.

To clarify this at its crudest: - a quantum entangled system lying within a living quantum magneto receptor may become entangled with a quantum system from the past, the present or the future. Those whom are blessed or cursed with trans-temporal energies make the quantum entanglement conscious through the quantum nature in consciousness.

Walter Berg

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