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I grew up around Astrology and Metaphysical Sciences, my maternal Grandparents actually met at a mediumship circle at a spiritualist church. My Grandfather was also an Astrologer. They taught me a lot about spiritual values, mind over matter and the law of karma. I first heard about the Star-sign of Ophiuchus when I was 16yrs old. I was just on my way out at the time when I heard it announced on the News that there was actually a 13th sign. It caught my attention not just because of my background with Astrology, but also because this star-sign was active around my birthday. I never heard any more about it and resources for research were very limited back then compared to today. Also the name of this star-sign had faded from my memory over the years, but this did lead me into researching astronomy and ancient history. I spent many years from the age of 16 yrs working with Tarot and developing my psychic and healing abilities. I kept this pretty much to myself and only shared with a few since this subject was not as open as it is today. Eventually I took it down the professional route where I worked for many years around various psychic phone agencies, as well as private one to one readings. I spent some time as editor of a spiritual magazine in the mid to late 90’s and at the same time was drawing up monthly horoscopes for both the magazine and a local history website using the Tropical Astrology System. I also worked at local charity events for the Mayor of the borough I am currently living in for a while. I never did feel comfortable using this system and my interest in it faded very quickly, more than likely because I knew there was much more to the astrological system.  A missing piece. I met Eric Seligson the Siderealist in 2013, finally! I had found what I was looking for.  Eric invited me to join him on the quest of promoting the truth of the 'True Live Time Sky Astrology', very soon after our first meeting which has brought me to where I am today. Eric was a fantastic mentor and friend, I shall be forever grateful for his faith in me, his loyalty and respect. Meeting Eric led me into communications with Walter Berg the original founder of the 13 Zodiac, I refer to him as the Godfather of Ophiuchus. These two men in my life have been and continue to be, my biggest  inspiration on my journey with 13 Star Sign Astrology.


After the sad passing of my friend and colleague Eric Seligson in September 2019, I have continued to publish video's and articles on the 13 Star Sign System, although, I have to say that I have felt pretty homeless up until this point! In 2020 I was introduced to a fabulous website designer Alora Jaimes, who with a great love, talent and insight, has created the foundation of this website. I absolutely love the way she has captured my essence.

I am currently creating an Oracle Deck with a lovely lady, Rosa-Maria who is an artist and creates beautiful 'Light Code Images', we are working on a 44 Card Oracle Deck that will include the 13 Star Signs, the Planets, the Elements and Symbols that are relevant to the Ophiuchus Star sign and the Astrological hidden points. It will be after this that I will start to write my books on my psychic downloads and research into our true history and story of the Planets and the auspicious characters associated with them. These book(s) will be the guide to understanding the 13 Star Sign Astrology and current House System. I say current because the sky is always moving and 13 Star Sign Astrology will always follow the True Astronomical placements of our Sun, Moon, Planets and invisible points. Many people think that we are already in the Age of Aquarius! But we have only recently entered into her outer layer, which is the crystalline energy, her Antenna. We won't actually enter into the Age of Aquarius for at least another 5-6 hundred years officially, but we have entered into her Aura. Over the next 5-6 hundred years we will transit through her Aura's 7 layers, also known as the 7 Rays and the Rainbow Bridge.


To be written (Coming Soon)

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