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Pisces - by Walter Berg
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Walter Berg -  the original founder of the 13 Zodiac


about Walter Berg & INTERVIEW 2016

Walter single-handedly created modern 13 sign astrology from dogged observation and hand-calculation in the early 1970s. Before the advent of computers, he spend countless hours gazing at the night sky (with his dog as company) observing and tracking the movements of the planets in real time. Using astronomical data, he corrected and redefined the over-simplified astrological wheel used by 12-sign astrologers to a 13 sign and 13 house horoscope that updates astrology into the space age, since the 13 sign Zodiac is consistant with NASA's findings and those of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Walter accomplished this with nothing more than a slide rule and a calculator to create the first (and the most accurate) 13 sign ephemeris.


His tenacity and devotion to the true Zodiac, which resurrected Ophiuchus from a 2,000 year banishment, was a supreme and solitary sacrifice, which put at risk his career in astronomy, and was ignored for decades by astrologers.

Walter also wrote extensively about the effects and meanings of the planets and the signs, not only beautifully expressed, but also creating the most accurate descriptions of the archetypes that we all use in our astrological methodology.

Only in the last 10 years has the Bergan Zodiac gained traction among both astronomers (including NASA) and the growing community of 13-sign astrologers. Adherents of 13 sign astrology in the U.S., U.K. and Japan have now taken up the torch, and validated his arduous work, ending years of rejection by tropical astrologers. Today, the monopoly of 12-sign astrology is on the wane, as more astrologers want to have their charts align with observable astronomical fact, and more consumers want the truth. Now anyone can cast an instant, accurate Bergan 13-sign, 13-house horoscope, using the cloud astrology website, (We use it).

Walter underscores the fact that it can be a very lonely existence when you are so far ahead of your time, but he persisted against all odds. In the end, truth will out, and Walter's contributions and accomplishments make him the greatest living astrologer.

Here's an excerpt from his website:

"I break from historical tradition to combine sidereal astrology with the IAU’s official constellation boundaries defined in 1930, creating a 13-sign system. This results in astrological signs that correspond directly to the time the Sun spends in their eponymous constellations. For example, the Sun spends forty-five days in Virgo and only six days in Scorpio. The 13th sign of the zodiac is Ophiuchus where the Sun passes during the first two weeks of December.

I am an independent New Age scientist, astronomer, astrologer and educator, a founder member of the New Age science movement and the world’s leading authority and founder of Bergian Astrology (Bergian 13-Zodiac Astrology). My research examines links between personality, social behaviors, mass cultural change, blood type, planetary and star constellation positions, cosmic beacons, ley-line energies and feng shui. I present lectures and am consultant to several research groups."


Q and A with Walter Berg


Q. Were you interested in astrology or astronomy first? Were you attracted to astrology for strictly historical or academic reasons, or because you believe we are affected by the positions and movements of celestial bodies?

A. Both - yet in very different ways. Reason and intuition! Astronomy is a hard science (perceptions of complex theories can be gained through intuition) but mostly the nuts and bolts are analysis, logic and reason. Astrology is not a science (not yet) it relies on our ability to understand something instinctively without conscious reasoning. The recognition of meaning in patterns etc. interpretation of astrological charts is derived from knowledge, experience and intuition.

Since the enlightenment scientists discomfort with intuition is based on cultural prejudice and more recently greater reductionism.  We know the collective unconscious/ collective memory instigates primitive mental images derived from our early ancestors. Jungian archetype culminates in the archetypal-self: the totally of wholeness. Wholeness is a transcendental wisdom and life should be lived as a psychic experience which will lead one to the realization of psychic wholeness. The people we meet in life are the result of meaningful coincidences – synchronicity is another Jungian concept.  In spite of our advances in science these areas/behaviors are still in the dark ages. Really understanding the unifying impact between living things and living things and the cosmos is a part of astrology and science. I am retiring and am introduced to you 13 Sun Sign and the Siderealists – synchronicity or meaningless coincidence?

Cosmic energies and human bio-resonant systems are still best interpreted intuitively. Little hard research has been undertaken in astrology. Gauquelin a psychologist from the Sorbonne undertook astrological statistical research which kind-of vindicated that there is a relationship between planetary positions at the moment of birth and the direction of individual lives. By today’s standards his method was crude and non-meta. Eysenk (whom I worked with briefly in the 80s) abandoned his research in astrology because of peer group demonetization. You leave the scientific straitjacket and are maligned by the established science community. Sagan, Feynman, etc. were notable exceptions.

My own research links with the work of Lakhovsky: living cells send and receive minute electric wave currents and display resonance. There is a biological and harmonic connection between our pulsating frequency and that of the earth/nature/cosmos. For example: Penrose argues that consciousness is a quantum mechanical process. This view further contributes to the underpinning knowledge of the wider astrology including second sight, precognition, clairvoyance, collective memory etc. Quantum entanglement and superposition may play an important part in the explanation of the conscious/unconscious mind. Penrose proposes a new form of wave function collapse that occurs in isolation with no decoherence. I digress- the connection to astrology and the psyche is entanglement, we receive information manifesting itself through insights and intuition.

The Apollo astronauts left retro-reflectors on the surface the moon. We have for fifty years measured the earth / moon distance to cm accuracy. The predicted orbit of the moon (Newtonian mechanics - by the way Newton, Kepler, Brahe, Copernicus etc. were all keen astrologers) did not match the observed orbit. A super-duper computer in Germany solved the problem - it was Sagittarius. The constellation of Sagittarius 38,000 light years distance influences the orbit of the moon. The moon has significant interconnections to human behavior and is swayed by objects at the far side of the galaxy.

Let me set the scene. It is the early 1950s my home is a small, rural, market town (Chorley) on the west flank of the Rossendale fells. I walk to the end of my road (200 meters) and I see the moors, Anglezarke in the near distance rising to 1000 feet. I can walk east for 60 miles over the moors and the peaks of the Pennines (peaks are 2500 ft?) without any signs of 20th century civilization. There is no light pollution (there are no electric street lights) the sky is pitch black and blazing with stars. Stars so bright you can touch them. I can see the Milky Way clearly and many fuzzy nebulae.  I feel connected to these celestial bodies on a spiritual, intuitive level and their energy affects me directly. I feel the energy of the cosmos (many cannot) and it touches me deeply. This connection extends from the cosmos to the earth and I become attached to the patterns, rhythms, circles and cycles of the seasons, nature and the cosmos.

My mother and grandmother were neo-pagans but did not know it. Their manufacture of talismans, amulets and placing of stones and crystals was governed by the phases of the Moon. Traditional medicine: herbs, berries, foliage etc. gathered from the moors would be prepared and applied according to the lunar cycle. Planting things that grow above the ground would be done when the moon was waxing. Planting things that grow into the ground was done when the moon was waning etc. etc. My mother was skilled when interpreting astrological signs and their meaning. She read tarot cards, tea leaves, playing cards, bones and observed cross and cross-quarter days. Astrology was with me not as a subject to be studied – it was part of my everyday life.

I just remembered: my mother was into theosophy and collected many old journals from the theosophical society edited by Annie Besant and containing the wisdom of Madame Blavatsky.

Q. When and how did you first notice or realize that there was another sign on the Zodiac?


A. I am one of the few people to hold Astronomy ‘O’ Level. I sat the exam as an external candidate. I would have sat ’O’ level Astrology too but along with astronomy it was not taught in school and is still today not offered. In the 1950s calculation and positional astronomy were a big part of the syllabus. From the age of 14 I knew the Tropical zodiac was out of sync. I linked the sidereal zodiac and the IAU 88 constellations to bring astrological sign alignment into harmonization with the ‘true’ energy of the universe.  Astrology is kind-of taught in academia today through the study of cultural astronomy. The New Age science movement were responsible for its introduction t in the 90s.

Q. Were you worried that your interest in astrology would compromise your career as an astronomer?

A. Absolutely and it did. My birth name is Barry Parkinson. I adopted Walter berg in 1980 when I began constructing charts and producing astro-personality profiles. Had my colleagues known they would have felt threatened which leads to hostility and me perceived to be dangerous?   It was a liberating experience. I could compartmentalize my interests easily by assuming two identities (especially in public) Walter was my grandfather’s name.


Q. Did you feel weird, being able to entertain both schools of thought?


A. No. the problem was (is) always other people. Intuition and reason are of equal value and one should never dominate the other.

Q. How did you create the 13 sign ephemeris?


A. From astronomical and celestial navigation charts / tables of value, a slide rule and many late nights. It took Kepler over 7 years to compute the orbit of Mars. Today a processor can compute the orbit of all the planets and constellations in milliseconds.


Q. Do you have a favorite astronomer from history? What do you most admire about this person?


A. I do not have a favorite person. I admire all people who challenge with good cause the prevailing paradigm. They are usually considered to be heretics and often ostracized. From Anaximander to Einstein. One could list thousands - indeed Copernicus only published after his death to avoid being tortured to death. I admire them all. I know many were thoroughly unpleasant individuals but their single mindedness and brilliance are perhaps the qualities I admire.


Q. What are you currently working on?

A. I continue to investigate communication systems looking at forbidden-zone transmission utilising subspace cosmic energy fields. My work examines the vacuum below the Higgs layers and Quantum Gravity layers to a structure upon which rests everything else. This structure is analogous to a fluid which theoretically can yield to modulation.






1st Sign of the Zodiac / 12 March – 18 April


Ruling Planets: Neptune & Jupiter

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Best Signs for Love: Aries, Leo, (Libra, Aquarius)



The vast expanse and hidden depths of the boundless oceans represent the fluid and changing nature of the True Piscean. You are emotionally very sensitive and can even sense the feelings of others. Some have called this gift you have 'empathic'; it is so strong that you are said to possess a sixth sense. Let us be honest. True Piscean, you bear little resemblance to your traditional Star Sign profile: Selfish, aggressive and quick tempered. How could anyone have said such things about some one as sensitive and receptive to others needs as you are? The True Pisces replaces one Star Sign (Aries) as well as keeping almost one third of 'old Pisces'. Jupiter, one of your ruling planets, represents the life principles of expansion and growth, complementing your True Piscean sensitivity. Neptune (your other ruler) is the god of the ocean and of the underworld waterways and influences you in the most subtle ways through a process of refining and reflecting, giving you clarity of vision.

The True Pisces is now the first Star Sign of the Zodiac and not the 12th/13th. This is important to you. Being first and not last enhances your self confidence and self esteem. Come on, True Piscean, you have much self worth and can now go for it in a big way. You are adaptable and able to enjoy variety. Enjoying variety does not make you restless or fickle, as your traditional Star Sign may have indicated. No way! Being involved in many different activities and projects, enjoying a wide range of cultural and sporting interests, (as you always have done but were afraid to admit to), makes you a very interesting person.

Your easy going nature attracts others to you. Friends who need a shoulder to cry on will inevitably come to you. You have a kindness, sympathy and depth of compassion not matched by any other Star Sign. You possess an inner strength but you can, if you are caught off guard, be moved to tears. It is said that you cannot bear the suffering of others. Through your empathic powers you do actually feel and share the suffering of those in anguish, whether physical or emotional. You are more than a witness, and this is why you recoil as you register others despair.

Your empathic power leads you into the world of the psychic. Yes, your interest in the mystical and psychical can now be explained in the light of your True Star Sign, and this may come as a shock to you. All those leanings you have felt towards transcendentalism and mysticism and your interest in astrology (which has been there all the time) are understandable. You no longer need to feel uncomfortable about it! Be yourself! Go with your mystical feeling and explore worlds that others can only dream of, or have no conception of at all.

The two fishes of Pisces are joined together and are pulling in opposite directions – typical of the dual nature of the True Piscean. There are numerous references in the New Testament to fishes and the positive teachings of all antiquity – love, self reunification and service to others – are embodied in them. You are, indeed, a combination of paradoxes and opposites. You are fishing among lots of alternatives and searching for vision and a mystical connection.

Your enigmatic behaviour may appear bizarre to others, but to you everything is relative. Your double edged approach often allows you to see both sides of an argument, and this ability breeds tolerance. It is good that fanaticism is alien to you – if only more of the ruthless characters from history had been true Pisceans, wars, territorial claims and bigotry could not have occurred. This wide viewpoint does not judge. You appear to be indifferent. You fail to take a stance even when abuse is thrown at you. Issues that are important to others can never be taken too seriously by you, because you have knowledge, through your gift of empathy, of all aspects of an issue. You appreciate the beauty of the whole crystal in your hand, where others see just one surface at a time. Your lack of worldliness is compensated for by your inner life and imagination. You have no limits. Many great creative scientists, composers and artists were True Pisceans. Your imagination, like the ocean, seems boundless. You hold the secret of life and the key to the unconscious: this is why you sometimes have a problem coping with reality. You tend to over look simple things; not paying a utility bill, leaving the oven switched on until the meal burns, letting the care insurance expire, etc.. The idea of being limited, trapped in a human body, is irritating to the True Piscean.

Your instinctive nature makes you take decisions spontaneously rather than taking a careful approach and planning your actions. However, you are a safe, solid person whom others rely on. You will always be there for others and your boundless world of dreams rather than reality will endear you to others.

Some time ago I was at a loose end. A True Piscean friend of mine suggested, on the spur of the moment that we head out into the country for the afternoon. 'Sounds good to me.' I said. We took my car and left around noon. About 30 miles outside of the city we passed an empty car parked by the road side. My True Piscean friend asked me to stop. I pulled over. 'What's the matter?' I asked. But I could see the expression on her face, looking into the distance, almost trance like and I knew something was wrong. 'I have a feeling.' She replied. We both walked towards the parked car and I was shocked to see the driver slumped over the passenger seat, unconscious! He had fallen from view. I rushed back to my car and phoned for an ambulance while my friend administered first aid. The driver had suffered a heart attack! He is fine now, but had my True Piscean friend not been with me, he may not have survived. This is what I am talking about when I say you are instinctive and that other people, even strangers, can rely on you.



2nd Sign of the Zodiac / 19 April – 13 May


Ruling Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Best Signs for Love: Pisces, Scorpio, Ophiuchus (Taurus, Virgo)



'I want the best and I want it yesterday' could well be the slogan of the True Aries. You're an impatient and self assertive Sign and will travel far through enterprise and sheer will power. Those born on the 19th or 20th April, you were and still are Aries. You are now joined by those born after 20 April (formerly Taureans).

The True Aries is not stubborn, nor do you slavishly adhere to rules. Good lord, no! Your old Sign qualities were quite mistakenly attributed to you. Your (true) go getting attitude is not, however, really about self advancement though it often achieves that result), you can also be a champion for the underdog. You like to promote worthy causes. Championing others can heighten your reputation in the hierarchy of politics, business and in society generally. Yet you are not a self seeking person.. After all, you are quite blunt and to the point, often upsetting others by your forthright and I must say, often rude remarks. You won't cowtow to anyone to safeguard your position. George Bernard Shaw once said: 'The secret of success is to offend the greatest number of people,' but go easy, please!

It is worth noting that your ruling planet is Mars, the god of war, and you are a true warrior with a pioneering and adventurous spirit. You like to take chances and many will see you as foolhardy rather than courageous. Your previous ruling planet was Venus, whose energy was supposed to make you unfocused. How untrue! You are a Positive and a Cardinal Sign: self expressive and enterprising. The True Aries is larger than life, go ahead and capable of achieving results fast.

In common with all Fire Signs, True Aries is also a child in spirit and this, of course, means that you can behave like a child, either in the most mean spirited way or in the most 'innocently generous' way. When you have plans (perhaps a business plan) you can get heated up and become wild over the various facets to your plan. You throw yourself into the project and your energy and enthusiasm appear unlimited. Often others get tired just watching you run around, chasing one project after another.

You seem naturally courageous and fearless and have a will of iron. You may often be unaware of the fact that others might wish to put forward a different idea from your own. You perceive this as a conflict and are unable to look objectively at it. Your horizons become closed and you are genuinely hurt when others challenge you and call you selfish. Aries is the Ram, and the horns of a ram are symbolic of your character: thrusting, aggressive, leader of the flock, always ready to accept a challenge.

Life with the True Aries may be difficult. If those around you do not like action, high energy and a hectic life, they may assume that you are totally selfish and, perhaps, hyperactive. You may be quiet for a period, but you will, without warning, jump to your feet and charge off to the next project with as much energy as if this were your first and most exciting enterprise. It is the spirit of competition, the urge to win in any situation that drives the True Aries on. Not only do True Arian's have this power in business but also in the mental realm, as scholars. You love a challenge and you love to win. One problem for you to watch is that when you fail to see the other point of view you can easily become disillusioned and bitter. Others may not share your values, yet this you refuse to recognise.

Your generous nature can land you in trouble, because you mostly trust people. You believe the best about them. When others have in in for you and begin stabbing you in the back, you are genuinely bewildered by their actions. You are not devious. You have no time for underhand plots and petty vendettas. You would do well to remember, however, that some people are like that.

An acquaintance of mine came to see me last autumn. She was feeling down and slightly paranoid. She informed me that her business partners were conspiring against her to ruin a promotion deal she was setting up. Some way into our conversation it became apparent that she had not consulted her colleagues first about the promotion and had, in effect, forced her plans through. When other team members raised objections she took it personally and assumed they were attempting to disrupt her campaign. I said to her: 'You are a True Aries. Try consulting with other team members and use a little applied psychology on them. Say how much you value their opinions and input' This she did, after which her promotional campaign and her working relationships were much more successful. If you do not compromise with life or people, this attitude may not serve you well. In a bygone age when societies were more tribal, you could go out and conquer and spread your message. Today we live in complex societies and a balance, a happy medium, must be the goal.



3rd Sign of the Zodiac / 14 May – 20 June


Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Best Signs for Love: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (Aries, Sagittarius)



Venus, the ruling planet for the True Taurean, makes a big difference from boring old Mercury (ruling planet for most of you under the 'old' Zodiac). Yes, you are still steadfast and reliable, but you are not like the Roman god Janus, two faced and superficial. There is no doubt that you like to be secure and you feel safe with things and people that you can trust. You often seek the opinions of others in an effort to test them – to see if they are 'with you'. You need to know and once you do, you relax. Creature comforts and inactivity are really your strengths. You look at life in a typical Fixed Earth Sign way, 'sitting on the fence' and not wanting to get involved'.

Your old Air Sign linked with Mercury suggested - you were a gossip monger - forget it. You are happy to be left out of other people's dramas. As long as there is good food in the oven and something interesting on television, you are quite content.

Did you realise that Venus makes you something of a romantic (a quality not previously attributed to you)? However, you would never let romance stand in the way of a good meal!

The True Taurean has one eye on the future and the other on ways to maintain a lavish lifestyle. You are always realistic in your goals because you reflect on what can be achieved. This comes from your 'Negative' Sign. When astrologers use the term 'Negative' we tend to mean 'introverted' – though not in the social sense but in the way you draw energy from deep within yourself. You are not really ambitious because you know what you can realistically achieve. You know your limitations. You do not seek fame. You manage to keep yourself going and comfortably maintained. You value simplicity, but life in the twentieth century is not simple and as a result, you often fail to see the wider picture. If you cannot see it in front of you, then for you it does not exist, which means you sometimes miss out on the nuances of life.

The spiritual life is something of a mystery to the True Taurean. You are notoriously sceptical. 'If you cannot see it or measure it or touch it, how do you know it exists?' You ask. You have a defiant, hard headed attitude towards things that are woolly and foggy. This down to earth approach has real benefits in that it keeps you out of trouble and establishes for you the parameters of your reality – it gives you the life you like: easy going, relaxed and full of comfort.

Before you form a friendship you need to know about the person before you commit yourself. Ideally, you would like to ask him or her for a CV or a reference first! This cynicism is healthy for you, especially when all around are losing their heads. You will keep your feet firmly on the ground when those around you are floating off into the clouds of their dreams or ideals.

You are very sensual, not only in the sexual sense but in every sense. You like to look good and have a flair for fashion and colour co-ordination. You love to feel and to touch. You are a tactile individual: the texture of certain types of material thrills you. Silk underwear, satin soft sheets, delicate sensual materials – mmm! This fetish of yours is all part of your desire to be comfortable. The Taurus symbol resembles the full face and horns of the bull and represents a powerful build, a possessive animal and one with strength of character, who would, if under attack, respond with unflinching rage. Yes, you can resort to violence, partly because you fail to see the different facets to an argument.

You do like the good life: fine foods, nice clothes – but do watch your weight! Over indulgence and lack of exercise can lead to a little flab. (Of course, you are not 'floppy' – you are quite solid.) You know all the best restaurants and you visit them as often as you can. Your tastes are rather conventional, though quality is also important to you. Your sensitivity stretches to your nose and you can smell a good dish from a mile away. Only the best fragrances will do for you: nothing cheap or nasty, for you the expensive perfumes that do not bowl you over but linger like a summer flower scintillating in the background – a bit like yourself, really. You also like a good car. Nothing flashy or sporty, but a Volvo or Saab would do very nicely – a solid vehicle to match your forceful frame.

You are in favour of tradition and your love of beauty leads you to an appreciation of fine antiques and well made artefacts that have value. Your own environment is most Epicurean: comfortable chairs, good wine glasses, soft, luxuriant fabrics. You are a collector or, let's face it, a bit of a hoarder. You like to save your money and because you buy quality items you do look after them and keep them in mint condition. Life is terribly simple: there are no shades of grey, just black and white. The people you like are 'good', the ones you do not like are 'bad'. There is no in between. You can see no subtleties.

So what, True Taurean? What is wrong with abandoning yourself in your pleasures? You have much to offer with your philosophy, and some of those with more angst-ridden Star Signs would do well to try and imitate your easy going nature. You are a delight to be with and I for one would love to be invited to one of your dinner parties because only the True Taurean has the sophistication and style to organise and run the perfectly pleasurable social evening.



4th Sign of the Zodiac / 21 June - 19 July


Ruling Planets: Mercury

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Best Signs for Love: Taurus, Capricorn (Cancer, Scorpio)



The True Gemini is a perfect mediator. Your ruling planet is Mercury, the communicator and you are excellent in the fields of diplomacy and in any position which requires good debating skills. If I may say so, you do talk rather a lot, but you are always a witty conversationalist and enjoyable to listen to.

The True Gemini is a positive Sign and this fits well with your rather extrovert and outgoing nature. Mutability also complements your outgoing nature and expresses itself by making you very adaptable. Timid and over emotional? Not at all! Those characteristics belong to your old Star Sign. Because you talk a lot and well, much of it is just general chit chat, this does not mean that you are shallow, you are more than capable of great depth and concentration, but at the appropriate time. You have a broad range of interests and it is not your intention to specialise and gain in depth knowledge of any one subject or thing. You have a spectrum of interests and ideas. You are symbolically represented by the Twins, which remind us that no two minds are alike. You have the advantage of a special duality which enables you to express yourself through your varied interests and hobbies. You are interested in events of the moment and in the latest gossip. You are not absent minded, nor is your vision misty, but you are distracted easily because so many interesting things catch your attention. Life is a moving stream of people and interests, and you like to move with it.

The Geminian treasures the capacity to think. You strongly believe in the right to make your own decisions and to form your own ideas. You get immense pleasure out of discovering something for yourself – this is your secret to success. You are well informed and it would be hard to fool you or to manipulate you emotionally. You are also a 'people person'. You genuinely like other people and are interested in them. You really want to know what makes them tick. Typically, you will talk to just about anyone. You make an ideal companion on long train journeys. If you sit next to a stranger, it will not be long before you are engrossed in conversation about anything and everything. You are one of the most open of all the Star Signs. On the other hand, because you tend to skim the surface of life, even though you have an amazing variety of life experiences, your capacity for relating deeply is forfeited. You spread yourself too thinly to allow you to get very close to people. No, you are not superficial, but there is an element of this within you. You have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances and, though you talk a lot, your conversation is not deeply emotional. Sometimes, when a conversation turns serious, you will make a joke and disappear!

With all those facts and fictions inside your head, and after all those life stories you've discussed, one would expect that your perception of yourself would be realistic. Unfortunately not. You are one of the least introspective of all the Star Signs. It will take a drama or some severe turmoil in your life before you will sit down and look at yourself. You do not care for responsibility, but you do deal with other people fairly. In a sense, you are an idealist and you have little sense of duty. You need mental and emotional mobility. You need lots of people in your life and lots of travel.

Your mind is full of clutter, as is your life generally. You find language stimulating (and this relates to your ruler, Mercury). It is language that enables you and other True Geminians to be expressive – and you certainly are self expressive. Not because you are egocentric but because you are genuinely fascinated by words and what they can do. You see words as tools, as a means of entry into the personality behind a face. 'There are many different language games to be played,' as the philosopher Wittgenstein said, and the True Geminian plays them all. You are a natural at languages and , if you have had the opportunity, I wouldn't be surprised if you could speak at least two languages other than your mother tongue.

Life is not a serious business for you and you tend to drift, uncertain of where your skills and your interests lie. You decide on one course of action and then are almost immediately distracted by something new. Your boredom threshold is very low. You continually need fresh interests, fresh faces and fresh scenery. You are incapable of shutting out the stimuli around you, not that you want to, anyway, because your very essence depends on all that external stimuli.



5th Sign of the Zodiac / 20 July - 9 August


Ruling Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Best Signs for Love: Leo Sagittarius (Gemini, Aquarius)



The need to feel a continuity with the past, especially your own past, is very important to the True Cancerian. Your ruling Planet is the Moon, Earth's natural satellite, whose principle of rhythms and cycles inspires you to ebb and flow with the rhythm of nature. The Moon also affects your thought processes, making you one of life's great thinkers. You have often reflected on the fact that the circle never ends – It goes around and around, returning to the same point after every orbit. Similarly, history repeats itself. The past is often more real to you than the present because it is safe, it is known to you and it puts you in a frame of mind you enjoy: secure and safe. Your roots are tree-like and go deep into the earth. This makes you feel safe to explore your environment. You have a great love of history, including your own history and if you ever become cut off from your roots you are miserable. Only when you make new ties and put down new roots do you start to grow and develop again.

You are a Water Sign and Negative. 'Negative' in the way you draw your energy deep from within you, not negative in a mental or social sense. You are highly sensitive even though outwardly you give the impression of impenetrable self assurance and toughness. Your old Star Sign profile of being over bearing and intolerant could not be more wrong. You True Cancerians are nothing of the sort. You have a Cardinal and not a Fixed quality, which means that you are very enterprising at all levels. The Crab really does symbolize your character. If you desire something, you do not move directly towards it; you circumnavigate your goal and look as if you are going off in a completely different direction. But when you reach your goal and close your pincers, there's no way anyone can persuade you to let go.

Your first concern is to protect those you love and care for. You are loyal to your family (both ancestral and present day). You love to collect things and never throw anything away. Your house is filled with 'useful' junk that will probably never come in handy at all. But it is in your nature, True Cancerian; this action of saving makes you feel secure. You desire a womb like shelter to withdraw to, with your collected things, while preserving your energy. Your Element is Water, which seeks security. You love the familiarity of objects, people and places.

It is simply not true that you are manipulative. You possess a wonderful capacity for smoothing out arguments and bringing people together. This is not manipulation but an instinctive grace which you use and adopt in challenging situations. You need to feel needed, loved and cherished; in turn, you give love. Like the Crab, you inhabit neither the

water nor the land, but exist on the border between the two, belonging to both worlds and yet to none. On the one side there is the world of domesticity, on the other the ocean, the great expanse waiting to be discovered.

Without its shell the crab is defenceless; your hard exterior protects a person who is easily hurt and highly sensitive. You have developed a defensive attitude to protect your inner sensitivity. More than anything you fear rejection, humiliation and being made to look ridiculous. Take heart, no one is out to get you and there is no harm in a tiny amount of humiliation – in fact it is good for you. Suffering is good for the soul, even yours, True Cancerian.

You are a very special person. Your great quality is 'sustainability'. When others close to you are feeling vulnerable you can give them the strength and belief in themselves to pull through. You do this with such subtlety that those you are helping are unaware of what you are doing. Your ability to defuse the tension in a confrontational situation is quite remarkable. The counselling skills. The ebb and flow of the tide, the emotional storms and rhythms effected by the Moon are channelled through you. You have an abundant ability to arbitrate.



6th Sign of the Zodiac / 10 August – 15 September


Ruling Planets: Sun

Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Best Signs for Love: Ophiuchus, Cancer, Pisces (Virgo)



If I were giving a large party as a token of my undying love for my partner and I was worried about organising it, I would immediately pick up the phone and call you. The New Leo is a born organiser. You are not interfering or pedantic, as your old Star Sign indicated. Oh no, you are an organiser and an enthusiast. You are outspoken but it is good to hear what you have to say. Your ruling star is the Sun, a very powerful symbol which works through you to give you strength and the power of self integration. You're the leader of the beasts: radiant, confident, full of fun and always ready to outshine any foe. Too modest? The True Leo? Not at all. Forget your old, deflating Star Sign. How could you be too modest? You are a Lion, a Fire element, Fixed and Positive. You are essentially self expressive, energetic and assertive, with intensity and spontaneity. What a Sign!

Your life is open to endless possibilities, mostly to do with action, a challenge or fulfilling your own dreams. You hold on to your own ideals and here a problem can arise for you. If your ideal does not match your reality, you become disorientated and confused. Whether in business, in relationships or with friends,m you are baffled by the pretty and nasty behaviour of others. As the Lion, the aristocrat of the jungle, you rise above such lowly behaviour. The intrusion of the small minded and the tasteless are not welcome in your kingdom.

You possess natural qualities of leadership, but the basic conflict in your nature is indicated by the active Fire element and the static Fixed quality. The latter, luckily, is essential for your self control. The Fiery, self assertive element can become a little overbearing and dominant. You are always conspicuous, wherever you happen to be and this does not bother you at all. In fact, you rather like it. But beware, there are those whose Star Signs clash with this aspect of your Sign, so don't be alarmed by their rather contemptuous looks or put downs. You are generous, warm hearted, extremely dignified and broad minded.

The Sun has so much energy and channels that energy through you in a very positive way. The symbol of Leo emphasises the Lion's name: bold, rich and regal. You are the powerful ruler of beasts; when you roar, all are obligated to sit up and listen. They ignore you at their peril. People frequently try to imitate True Leos. Who can blame them? You have style and charisma and your sunny personality lifts people's spirits.

Nothing in the world is as important to you as your own world. You strive continually and you are an intolerable perfectionist regarding both your own activities and what you expect of others. You endeavour to fulfil your dreams, but if they are smashed you are not reduced to a quivering mess. No, the Lion's response to failure is to take a leap out of complacency and to strive again, with renewed vigour. You are able to laugh at yourself, which is a wonderful saving grace to counter balance your streak of vanity.

You like speed and you go for the kind of vehicle that is showy and sporty: a Porsche or a Lamborghini. Well, you deserve the best, but just who do you think you are? It's obvious that the Sun is working wonders for you, but do you have to be so energetic and annoyingly pleasant all the time? Can't you just, for once, slow down and take a look around you? At least that would put you back in the same world as everybody else!



7th Sign of the Zodiac / 16 September – 30 October


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Best Signs for Love: Libra, Aquarius (Leo, Aries)



The True Virgo takes in three of the old Star Signs, Libra, Scorpio and Virgo and is the most expansive True Star Sign. More people are born under the True Virgo Star Sign than any other. Big is beautiful. Virgo has little to do with prudishness and everything to do with a primitive urge for perfection, for attaining the pure essence of things. Your ruling planet is Mercury, god of intelligence and communication. You are a great controller of your emotions and if you examine yourself closely you will become aware that many of your actions, for example, your almost obsessive tidiness, are really means of avoiding emotion. 'I must get busy,' one often hears a True Virgoan say. It is not because you have things to do, but because you need to control an emotion you would rather not face up to. You make yourself a cup of tea and pretend that there is something more urgent to be done than the dreaded task in hand. I know we all indulge in these diversionary tactics, but the difference is you are always doing it.

You are an Earth Element and negative; 'Negative', that is, in the way you draw on your own inner reserves, not in the sense of having a negative attitude. You are more introvert than extrovert, though your social skills are excellent. Your Mutable quality makes you adaptable and responsive.

Jealous, frivolous, shallow? Not at all! These personality traits belong to your old self, your old Star Sign. Forget them. They are not and never were anything like you. You are practical and are elevated by fine detail and by facts (Mercury). The other month I had a problem I was finding difficult to solve. I approached a True Virgoan friend of mine and she took the problem away from me, took it to pieces, analysed it, sifted through it in the most minute detail for a key to the significance of the whole and suddenly the problem was solved. This is how your mental processes function. My True Virgoan friend was of invaluable help to me, as I could not have solved that particular problem alone.

True Virgoans do need to be needed. You are not particularly ambitious. Your variety of interests means that you lack the single mindedness necessary to go after a goal wholeheartedly. In many ways your nature is to look at the wider picture: you find it difficult to focus on one small piece unless you know what role it plays as part of the whole. Gambling is abhorrent to your very nature; if asked to have a flutter you would turn white with shock. The truth is, you feel that you never know when life might deal you a fatal blow, so you plan for the future rather than risk it on a wager.

Never far beneath your cool, analytical persona lies a rather sentimental romantic. You may appear to have a stern attitude towards drunks and irritating beggars asking you for your last pound (you would rather offer them advice), but this attitude stems from a fear that you, too, may one day be standing on the street corner asking for money. You sometimes cannot cope with the realities of the twentieth/twentyfirst century, so you shut the world out in an effort to sift through and make sense of the many elements you feel unable to deal with all at once. That is not a problem, True Virgoan. It is in your nature to be analytical and discriminating.

The Virgin is the only feminine figure in the Zodiac, usually depicted holding an ear of wheat, in the ancient world Virgo was worshipped as an Earth goddess: this is where you strong Earth Element originates. Your unconscious process of grinding and separating in order to assimilate only the purest essence of things is something you find yourself doing automatically. You are trying very hard to knit the whole thing together. You do not feel ready to go out into the wider world until you feel safe in your understanding of it. You sometimes keep yourself to yourself to avoid personal encounters. Group encounters you can cope with: workshops, talks and seminars, or 'how to' demonstrations that have some relevance to you. Not that you find it impossible to be intimate and talk on a one to one basis, but you'd rather give it a miss in case it gets 'too heavy'.



8th Sign of the Zodiac / 31 October – 22 November


Ruling Planets: Venus

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Best Signs for Love: Virgo, Taurus (Pisces, Ophiuchus)



Your sense of fair play and your natural ability to spot imbalances in every kind of situation drive other people crazy. When people are making a simple point for the sake of argument, your belief in all things being of equal value immediately neutralises the polarity of the dialogue. The True Libran epitomises the scales of justice. You have a natural urge to balance things, to weigh up every side of a controversy. Your ruling planet is Venus. Forget your old, troublesome ruler Mars, an energy sphere of anger and war. Venus is much more 'you'. You are also an Air element and Positive. The Negative (introspective) qualities previously attributed to those born at this time of year was simply not right at all. You are essentially expressive, communicative and mentally active, with the virtues of enterprise and spontaneity. Brooding, resentful and destructive? Not at all! Forget all that. Your Cardinal qualities (enterprise and ambition) will stand you in good stead all your life.

The True Libran loves relativity. Being with others does not, for you, necessarily involve emotion. It is more an art of comparison, the balancing up of asymmetrical patterns. This is what really concerns you. You love ritual and ceremony and you sense strongly that everything needs to be equitably balanced. Be careful, however, when you are dealing in real life situations. Life is not fair and no amount of balancing on your part will make it so for everyone. Some people have everything: money, fame, good looks, intelligence, good health: while others, well, nothing at all. Do not let this imbalance get to you. There is little that you, as an individual, can do about it.

Even if you are tempted to use your notorious charm to manipulate people, you will always strive for the fairness and equity of the scales. Symbolically, the scales are the only inanimate object among the Star Signs and they are typical of you: always weighing arguments, holding life in the balance, bringing people together and comparing them. Equally you seek in others the qualities lacking in yourself. However, you sometimes weigh up the pros and cons for too long, swinging from one extreme to another and eventually ending up in the middle of the road (which isn't a particularly safe place to be).

You have a gift for creating style and elegance (Venus). Wherever you go, other people take notice of and admire you. You were born with an acute awareness that people have different opinions from you and that frightens you. Frequently you will agree with a friend or lover in order to get him or her to open up and to talk more. Even if you fundamentally disagree with what has been said, you generally take this 'softly, softly' approach. You would never say 'go on do it,' but rather, 'I think it would be really good for you to do it.' and immediately you have everyone eating out of your hand. You would need very little training in psychology – you are a natural. You generate feelings in others of gratitude for your thoughtfulness and everyone marvels at your kindness. At the end of the day, almost everyone is happy and have gained their support. You do have a flair, a gift for being able to achieve what you want with the minimum of offence. How can anyone be offended by you, since you always consult others before carrying out actions that might affect them? You are a supreme diplomat.

The problem is that others who are more direct, and who do not believe a word you are saying, may perceive you as a chronic hypocrite and a perpetual deceiver. You have been known to smile sweetly at people and pay them a nice compliment when in fact you cannot stand the sight of them. You also agree with both sides of an argument:'Yes of course. You have my full support,' then, turning to the opposing camp. 'Oh, no. I would not support so and so. Your way is much better.' But you must realise, True Libran, that you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

Loyalty does not figure highly on your list of attributes. For instance, you would not go out of your way to help a colleague just because he or she had gone the extra mile for you on some previous occasion. To you, justice and fairness should be exercised independently of whether or not someone has done you a good turn. However, you do like to be fair in all your dealings and you would always much rather pay others a compliment than insult them. You look for the good and the positive in people and in life. You are a great lover of the truth but you can appear indecisive, as though you have no real ideas of your own, only those of others. True Libran, you may see the hidden characteristics which other Star Signs miss. We are often more than the sum of our parts: your great gift is that you see the good, the beauty and the truth in all of us. You are generous with your praise and a truly admirable person.

If you have one annoying trait, it is (ironically) linked to your innate sense of fairness. You are discussing a topic over coffee: your friend has one point of view so you decide to take the opposite point of view. Halfway through the discussion you move around to support your friend's viewpoint and then discover your friend has moved towards your opposing one. What is the point of all this? I suspect you just love indulging in the art of debate. But remember, this can be irritating to some people.



9th Sign of the Zodiac / 23 to 29 November


Ruling Planets: Mars & Pluto

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Best Signs for Love: Aries, Sagittarius (Gemini, Libra)



'I need space to speak freely about what is on my mind!' Cries the True Scorpio who cannot stand closed and stifled conversation which restricts breadth and depth of thought. You have an intensity of expression and a store of energy that makes it crucial to you to be able to say what is on your mind. Let's be honest, Sagittarian of yesterday, this is not at all like your old Star Sign profile. So when you really want to spout forth, you can now do so in the knowledge that you're running true to form. A True Scorpio needs room to manoeuvre and room to expand mentally in order to weave ambitious dreams – but reality needs to step in if you wish to fulfil your dreams. The True Scorpio is not at all secretive – this can be taken as honesty and openess, or you may be censured for not being able to keep a secret. You would not consciously betray a friend, as your loyalty is one of your more agreeable qualities. However, you may sometimes share with others information that you probably don't realise was told to you in confidence.

You are now a Water Sign rather than Fire, and this suits you better, Carl Jung described water as the element which links the spirit within us all together, a unifying fluid nourishing all life in our world. It is true that, with the Sun barely touching Scorpio on its journey around the heavens, you Star Sign has been squeezed into just one week of the Zodiac and is now the most compact Star Sign of the celestial year. Compact it may be, but with such quality. The richness and depth of your character epitomises your True Star Sign.

It is worth mentioning that your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto,

which have always, even in the past, worked well for you. Mars prevents your 'old' Fire from being totally quenched. Don't let the Negative (introspective) quality of your True Star Sign concern you. You know, deep down, that you have always been naturally passive – not passive in any social context, as you possess good social skills, but in the way you draw on your energy reserves. In any case, the combination of passively drawing energy from within and your True Scorpion trait of explosiveness allows a fine level of inner balance to be achieved.

As a True Scorpio you will travel far because you Possess clarity of vision about where it is you are going. This vision stems from an inner depth developed through your ascending planets. You have the strength of will to see your vision through. Once you have set a target, you go for it, almost as if there were nothing else in life. Only very occasionally will you deviate from your goal, when your train of thought has configured a better path (Pluto working through a process of elimination). One of your strongest points is that you have leadership skills; this sets you apart from others. You can take control, True Scorpio. You like to take command. You carry an aura of strength which makes those around you look and listen.

Others like to be near you because of your sanguine nature and your self-control. The words you utter carry weight by focussing Mars' principle of vitality, making you self assertive. It is your gift of self control and your coolness in tense situations that rubs off on others. You have never been tactless or boastful, as your previous traditional Star Sign described you. No, not you. Lose that perception of yourself. Those old Star Sign traits – tactless, extremism and extravagance – really hurt you didn't they? They exasperated your natural sense of fair play. You are a powerhouse of emotional energy and found such comments difficult to understand. Those false affectations, recklessness and unrestrained garishness were never part of you, and your indignant stand is now understandable in the knowledge of your true Star Sign profile. True Scorpio, you are a wonderful person and you must learn to love your True Self through your True Star Sign.

The Scorpio is passionate, yes, and you carry the strength of your convictions. If you have a well thought out idea you do become passionate about it, but your passion should not be mistaken for extremism. Extremism is against your very nature because you possess self control and can be almost ice-like when advancing your ideas. You harness your energy constructively (Pluto's converging function), having developed an idea from deep within yourself. As a True Scorpio, you need a wide canvas on which to paint your many diverse interests and pursuits. You are an explorer of the intellectual and mystical worlds. You have the concentration to hold an idea and to travel with it as far as you can take it.


You are quite a different person from your 'traditional' Star Sign, which was often perceived throughout history as a restless creature riding roughshod over everyone and everything. You have the tail and legs of a Scorpion, but your upper region is part human and part eagle and has the power, through the Scorpio function, to rise above those who do not share your views, but you certainly do not wish to stamp on them. Your destiny is linked with that of the highest intellects. Many mysteries have been solved by True Scorpion's, and you do like to uncover secrets. A friend of mine, a True Scorpio, recently won an award for high achievement in her college work. Like you, she was academically gifted but, unlike other Star Signs, she did not use her talent as a thicket of a free ride. She won her award by seeing her goal through to the end, and going the extra mile to achieve that goal. This is typical of the True Scorpio, typical of you. True Scorpio is a finisher, one who gets the job done. You don't really need to stretch your imagination to see yourself in this new light, do you?



The 10th Sign of the Zodiac / 30 November – 17 December


Ruling Planets: Jupiter & Pluto

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Best Signs for Love: Leo, Aries (Libra, Aquarius)



Richard: What's your Sign? - Victoria: I'm sorry, it's unlisted.

What a very apt quote, from Mel Brookes' 'High Anxiety', for the True Ophiuchan to use. 'Unlisted' – yes, that was the former status of your Star Sign. But now that we all know the truth, isn't it about time your true Sign was described?

For a millennium, Ophiuchus the healer has been suspended in the Zodiac unrecognised and your individuality has been misrepresented, your birth chart miscast. Now is the time to forget your old Star Sign; if you think carefully about the personality profile it offered, you will know that it's descriptions were nothing like you: tactless, boastful and too moralising? Never! You are now 'the Doctor' (although if truth be told you are also a bit of a hypochondriac). Still, there's nothing too amazing about this when you consider that a large proportion of psychoanalysis have a tendency towards craziness themselves. Their involvement in their subject consumes them and they become the patients and not the physicians! Watch out for this kind of 'self engulfment'.

Your ruling Planet is still Jupiter and is now working with your True Star Sign. Your other ruling Planet is Pluto, associated with the creative forces, working through your unconscious. The planets are responsible for your continuing expansion and growth brought about by understanding others; Pluto, in particular, is responsible for your powers of transformation and self renewal. Ophiuchus is a Water element with Mutable qualities. It is also a 'Negative Sign', in the sense that you draw on your energy reserves from deep within yourself. You are prone to be introverted rather than extroverted, not in any social sense but only in how you recharge your energy levels.

Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, is depicted as a large man holding a serpent in both hands. The symbol of the serpent (originally, a non-poisonous tree snake) entwined around the staff of the healing god embodies a kind of mediation between earth and heaven. This serpent and staff symbol is used by the BMA and other medical associations the world over as a representation of the healing arts. Hippocrates was the first 'modern' doctor; even today doctors swear the 'Hippocratic oath', pledging allegiance to Ophiuchus.

You possess a primitive urge to help and comfort others.

The serpent, unfeeling and cold, gives you detachment – a necessary trait if you are to cope well with the sick and needy. You share your knowledge and give freely of your skills for the benefit of others. True Ophiuchan, you are a wonderful, comforting person and this is precisely why others like to be associated with you. Boastful and inconsiderate? Not at all! These characteristics from your 'traditional' Star Sign of Sagittarius were so incorrect – you are never inconsiderate. In fact the True Ophiuchan is quite the opposite: caring, empathic and with a strong desire to help. Many True Ophiuchans pass their time building not only relationships but all kind of things, material and spiritual. You are a builder (Jupiter) and your talents for creating and repairing are gargantuan. You love mixing things together like a true alchemist: making potions, blending herbs, compounding chemicals. It will not surprise you to learn that many True Ophiuchans are pharmacists and chemists. And you do like to repair things. You see biological systems as machines and this view can easily translate to inanimate objects, both mechanical and electrical.

You possess enormous energy and have a great zest for life.

Some time ago I shook hands with a woman I had just met. Immediately I knew that she was an Ophiuchan. I could literally feel her energy in her handshake, feel the intense power rush from her body to mine. It was a great feeling. You possess great inner strength and have enormous reserves of energy lying dormant in case of emergency. You have a need to protect yourself and others, however, which can be interpreted as inflexibility, austerity and a cruel nature. This is not true; you are a terrific person – but watch out for this overprotective trait even though it springs from a desire to help.

The Serpent Bearer is also a diplomat. You can slither and slide in and out of delicate emotional situations, silently and without being noticed. You do, like a serpent, notice everything. Your great empathy allows you to sense an atmosphere and sometimes what individual people are feeling. You know if they are angry, frustrated, keeping a secret or happy. You are often oblivious to social conventions or social status, treating everyone the same, whether they are princes or paupers. This mostly works to your advantage and leaves you free of airs and graces. If you are dealing with an odious snob your lack of skill in social etiquette soon puts him in his place and deflates his ego, once he realises you hold him in no reverence. You do not do this intentionally, it is all a part of your Star Sign personality..

True Ophiuchan, you can be a little selfish. If you want your own way or are caught up with some work, then 'goodbye everybody else' until the project is finished. Yes, your selfishness does get the job done, but there is a price to pay in emotional terms, with regard to your partner, family and friends and even yourself.

Actress Kim Bassinger is a New Ophiuchan and she too is a person of extremes. Kim is always looking out for other people and at the same time refusing to pander to the establishment. She has a marvellous personality and a strange innocence about her. She feels the suffering of others and can be very tender. Another True Ophiuchan is Woody Allen. Woody displays exactly the characteristics one would expect of a New Ophiuchan. He is the ultimate hypochondriac who nevertheless sees himself as the one to cure people of their ills. He is a self proclaimed paranoiac and yet he has the insight to heal the world of its madness. He can be prudish and at the same time laughs at social convention. His numerous films, all commenting on our social situation, will keep us laughing and keep sociologists busy for the next century.



The 11th Sign of the Zodiac / 18 December – 18 January


Ruling Planets: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable

Best Signs for Love: Cancer, Scorpio (Taurus, Capricorn)



Expansion in every direction and every dimension – mentally, physically and emotionally – are the qualities of the True Sagittarian. Narrow minded and too conventional? Not at all! Your 'traditional' Star Sign persona (Capricorn) has held you back. True Sagittarian. It kept you imprisoned and gave you no opportunity to expand! Well, now you can. Even those of you who already were Sagittarians will feel better in the knowledge that your Star Sign now offers you a more realistic profile. Those who were Capricorns – no wonder you have been feeling fed up with the descriptions of your Star Sign. You are now a Fire Sign and Positive. Introverted? You? You are always the first to jump up and sing to the Karaoke machine – the Fire in your gut and Positivity in your soul are responsible for this!

Your ruling planet is Jupiter, whose principle is expansion and growth. This principle does fit well with the true you. Your old ruling planet, Saturn, would only have held you back. Saturn stands for restriction and rigidity, neither of which reflects the real you. True Sagittarian, you are good at sports; you are open minded and an interpreter of other people's ideas. The Cardinal aspect is replaced by Mutable, which is adaptable and variable rather than enterprising. True Sagittarius, you are not very enterprising, as you have known all along.

Friendship really does mean such a lot to you. Often you refer to your partner as your 'best friend'. You are not a loner and the thought of being alone scares you. You do need people around you to share your life (there is little point singing to the Karaoke when the bar is empty). You love to travel and there is a genuine streak of adventure in you. You don't wish to travel on some boring package holiday but to cruising across the United States, stopping off wherever your fancy takes you. You are an explorer and you have a desire to understand life. You have an acute degree of insight and occasionally you like to become involved in heated philosophical discussions.

The True Sagittarius symbol has the lower part of a horse and the upper part of a human. This symbol combines the speed, power and other characteristics of the horse with the brain and potential wisdom of a human being. This sums you up perfectly, True Sagittarian: far-reaching, free-ranging, restless and possessing idealistic aims. You delight in new experiences and would be first in the queue at a new discotheque or a new and exotic restaurant. You have an intuitive sixth sense for what is going on, for where the action is and for what is about to happen. It could be the next big thing, in fashion, films, books, whatever – you will be in the know. You are more than just 'trendy' and as for those who accuse you of trendiness, tell them where to go.

The True Sagittarian actually sets the trend and does not follow sheep like, as other Signs do. You are no loser, you are a winner and your winnings, charismatic air rubs off on your friends, which is why they so like to be with you. Don't let some of your friends take you for a ride, however, Watch out. They know about your generous nature and may take advantage. You do have a remarkable eye for spotting opportunities even at a great distance, especially in the area of sport. You may not like to watch sport, but you do relish taking part. Outdoor sport appeals to you especially: abseiling, parachute jumping, bungee jumping. Forget netball or badminton, they are too tame for you. You would suffer from acute boredom pursuing such unexciting activities, especially because they are indoor sports which would give you mild claustrophobia and make your free spirit feel imprisoned.

A friend of mine, a True Sagittarian, was the first in her group of friends to travel on safari, to take flying lessons and to quit college. Oh yes, 'quit college' so be warned about this impulsive new you. Look before you leap. Just because you are now free, do not throw away your future on some spur of the moment idea. Then again, although you can be reckless you always seem to land right back on your feet. You are that type of person, but try not to behave in an irresponsible way. My friend, incidentally, came back to education after her two years absence. She had travelled the world and experienced more in those two years than many other Star Signs would experience in a whole lifetime, meeting new people and making many friends is important to you and comes easily to you as well.



The 12th Sign of the Zodiac / 19 January – 15 February


Ruling Planets: Saturn

Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Best Signs for Love: Gemini, Aquarius (Leo, Sagittarius)



The True Capricornian is concerned about people's motives. If you were making a deal or making a point, or discussing a business proposition, you would not show 'the opposition' your hand. When the time was right you would throw down all your cards but one (your trump card). True Capricornians do not reveal themselves until they know exactly what they are doing.

Those of you born on the 19 or 20 January have remained with Capricorn under the true Star Sign system, but there will be subtle differences affecting your Cosmic profile. Those born on or after 21 January, welcome to your True Star Sign.

It is worth mentioning that your ruling planet is Saturn and this is why you are so good at meeting deadlines, keeping appointments and maintaining a conventional air. If you arrange to meet a friend, yes you will be on time for the appointment, but you may not be dressed for the occasion. You are an Earth element with Cardinal qualities, allowing you to be self expressive and mentally active. Cranky, eccentric and fanatical? Not at all! Those characteristics belong to your old Tropical Sign, to your old self, and you are none of these. You are a True Capricorn.

You possess immense subtlety and always operate with an ulterior motive in mind, which gives you a slightly over confident approach to all things. The problem here is that there is always one possibility you hadn't thought of, one complication that fouls up the best laid plans. Never mind, True Capricorn. You can't have it all your own way!

You can legitimately be described as a 'concealed operator' or what is sometimes known as a 'dark horse'. You assess and make your plans quietly, out of the limelight, behind the scenes. Other, more extrovert Star Signs would be up front displaying their wares, believing they will take the advantage when the time is right. When the time is right, however, you are the one who has calculated all the moves, anticipated all the ploys; there you are, ready and waiting to execute your plan. The over ambitious but less shrewd Star Signs lose out.

Don't be disturbed by that fact that yours is a 'negative' Sign, 'Negative' simply describes the way you draw energy deep from within yourself. You are more introverted in the you recharge yourself – you draw on your own reserves. You are slightly introverted in the social sense, too, but your social skills have never bothered you at all. You tend to regard most 'normal' people as brash and rather loud. You are the 'Goat', the symbol of which resembles a misshapen form of goat with a fish's curling tail. Mythically, this goat teaches the whole of humanity the ways of civilisation. True Capricorn, you are so civilised. The Goat takes nothing for granted because you are methodical, resourceful and cautious. You have an inborn ability to suffer hardship, and when the going gets tough you are not defeated.

Prudence is your key note and you plan carefully, coolly and deliberately. Only one problem with this: you need to learn to switch off and have some fun. Trust your luck more. You are very lucky and in any case, you can't plan and conspire to make luck, you do need goals, however. Without them you slide back down the tree you have worked so hard to climb. The world is a friendly place, if only you knew it and if you are occasionally unsuccessful in attaining your goal, the world will forgive you. Trust me.

On the surface you have little time for romance. 'Romance won't pay the bills or buy the groceries,' I hear you say. But take heed of the words of Confucius: 'If you have two pennies, one you should spend on flour and the other you should spend on a flower.' Wise words indeed.

Your ruling planet Saturn, is most concerned with self discipline and channels energy through you in the form of a primitive urge to identify with the aims of your community and to initiate reform. You have a slight difficulty with human relationships, in that you like to be in control. It's certainly not that you're power mad. Its just that being in control is for you the one sure way of avoiding that horrific feeling of being controlled by others!

If you are successful in your work you will develop deeper, more meaningful interests. You are a reflective thinker and your mild introversion supports this natural impulse. The True Capricorn may be drawn to the occult, where you can study the energy patterns that govern life, looking for an answer to life.

You are quite a difficult person to know. You like to look good, with nice (but not too flashy) clothes made from good quality cloth. You feel comfortable only with what you perceive as the 'right' social image and appearing to be a pillar of society really appeals to you. Again, you must learn to loosen up a little and take time out from your social responsibilities to go and do some serious revelling.

I know you are, for most of your life, planning to serve the ultimate purpose: fulfilling your destiny. All your powerful determination and quiet ambition have been working away inside you for most of your life. You have at times felt a bit imprisoned by your conventionality and you have occasional dreams of freedom. To buy land in Scotland and live quietly, working through the meaning of life, or perhaps to take to the dusty, red roads of the Arizona desert, driving off into the sunset – these fantasies appeal to you. Yours is a double edged personality, making you all the more fascinating. No other Star Sign works so conscientiously, sacrificing everything in the pursuit of your goals.

Deep inside you possess the urge to be the first. The scientist struggling for years, painstakingly working through laborious calculations; the poet stuck in a garret working by dim candlelight; the painter struggling unrecognised, producing masterpieces of brilliant originality; all of them working just to be the first, to be the one who advances the quality of life. You have dreams of immortality, your name in the history books. It is this dream, your personal vision, that keeps you working so meticulously over the years.



13th Sign of the Zodiac / 16 February – 11 March


Ruling Planets: Saturn & Uranus

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Best Signs for Love: Virgo, Capricorn (Ophiuchus, Cancer)



The True Aquarius is one of the most humanitarian of the True Star Signs. You are all about love and ideals, about science and knowledge. Your main interests lie in the large scale structure of social community, in the issues of right and wrong in society and on the larger international scene. You put intense energy into a cause and are often revolutionary.

The first few days of the True Star Sign carry over original Aquarians.

Those born after 19 February, welcome to your true Star Sign. Your ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus. They channel energy through you, making you develop detachment, express unconventionality and give vent to an urge from deep within yourself to follow progressive causes. Touchy, secretive and confused? Not at all! Those characteristics belong to your old Tropical Star Sign. You are nothing like that. You are a wonderful person, an air element with Fixed qualities, making you essentially self expressive, mentally active and communicative. Now, this is much more like your real self. You are also a Positive Star Sign, which means you are slightly more extrovert than introvert.

Many of the causes you push are ahead of their time and, because they often appear to be 'far out' they meet with opposition. Your battle is not lost, however. The idea is subtly planted in the consciousness of the community and, once there, takes root in the minds of the less far sighted Star Signs.

Many of the issues that concern you are related to groups, to society rather than to individuals. You have a really good sense of fair play and integrity. All True Aquarian people do. The Water Carrier is forward looking and you are way ahead of your time. You will be found defending the underdog and the under privileged as groups of oppressed people rather than in individual cases. The truth is, True Aquarian, you don't care deeply for individuals. True, you love everybody, but not individually. You promote public transport as a worthy cause, but really you don't like to use it yourself, much preferring to travel under your own steam, away from 'the public'. You are also rather embarrassed by your emotions and regard any display of emotion as a weakness. This inability to come to terms with your (or anyone else's!) emotions does create obstacles for you in your personal relationships. True Aquarian, you cannot forever hide behind a cause or a campaign. There comes a time for standing naked without the walls of principle surrounding you.

The Water Carrier resembles two ripples of water. They can also be seen as two conducting rays of light emanating from you, a beacon of righteousness. Water symbolizes intuition and of course, True Aquarian, you are an Air Sign. Water and Air represent the two common elements which link all humanity together. These elements – a blending together of intuition/creativity with reason/intelligence. - symbolize the achievement of mental enlightenment. But wait, True Aquarian. Loosen up and take a look at reality.

Maybe then your ideas will not appear so 'far out' and people will be more willing to listen to you.

It is strange how on the one hand you are attracted to the unusual and bizarre,

while on the other you possess a wonderful gift of logic. You can discuss things reasonable and rationally. You have all the answers and a talent for analysis of the human condition. You see other people as mechanisms, intelligent machines with nothing more than cogs and flywheels inside. Your knowledge is grounded in fact, but really, True Aquarian, is this the way to view others, those whom you are fighting for and wish to help? You ought to take a more realistic approach to other people: they are mind, body and spirit. You take on board the first two qualities, but you often forget the third.

You rarely 'feel' things in the sense of having a gut reaction to something, and you don't really know what it is to follow your instincts. You are a complex Star Sign, now positioned thirteenth on the Zodiac, and of course you have feelings – but you don't know how to deal with them. You can become embarrassed and feel awkward in certain social situations. Everything has to have a reason. You are capable of sacrificing your life for a cause and for those you love, but you find it very difficult to say the words or express the emotion of love. When was the last time you bought your partner a gift, or showered praise on him or her? You can't remember, can you? No, because it was so long ago. If you were asked. 'How do you feel about so and so?, you would answer by presenting the logical case for and against the subject, stating your position with some passion but arriving at your conclusion purely through logical thought. You would never say, as other Star Signs do. 'I feel it is wrong (or right), but I don't know why.

It just 'feels' that way.

What can be done to reconcile the abstract love you have for humanity with the feelings you have for those close to you? Generosity to yourself and those close to you is part of your 'ideal' love. But, True Aquarian, you miss the point. Love isn't about ideals. You find it difficult to relate to others because you possess too much sense of the ideal and too little of the 'personal'. Your ideals zoom right off the planet because you lack this sense of 'self'. True Aquarian, your humanitarian achievements are great and you have so much to be proud of, but remember this: you are also human. Try not to neglect this aspect of your being. Water Carrier, you must at some stage carry your own water and not that of others. Your need to be liked and admired by others must, occasionally, be resisted. No, I am not saying that you promote a cause just to be admired. You really do believe in the causes you support. You have a Star Sign of integrity and you are a compassionate person. But in the end everyone values you for yourself, not for the activities and charities you so energetically promote.

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