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Astrological Symbol:  

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Ophiuchus, the 10th sign of the Zodiac, occupies a unique position on the Ecliptic, representing the inner temple and magical gifts. It encompasses organic, alchemical, and elemental aspects, with Ether as its element—exerting influence over Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Earth is its ruling planet.

In mythology, Ophiuchus embodies figures like Osiris in Egyptian and Enki in Sumerian lore, both synonymous yet known by various names. The symbols associated with Ophiuchus include the Caduceus, Oroborus, and the Serpent. Its astrological symbol incorporates the Sound Wave, a gift inherited from Aquarius, Ophiuchus's mother—a high Priestess of Serpent origin.

Ophiuchus, depicted holding a serpent in its constellation, signifies a blend of serpent/dragon and Maldekan lineage. Maldek, once a planet in our solar system, adds another layer to its genetic makeup.

Astrologically, Ophiuchus is the natural healer, well-versed in herbal medicine and alchemy. Despite the loss of much of this knowledge in our increasingly technological and synthetic world, there is a resurgence as people reintegrate these gifts and sacred wisdom. Ophiuchus's return heralds a revival— the imminent birth of the Phoenix in a world teetering on self-destruction.

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