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Astrological Symbol:  

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Ophiuchus is the 10th Star Sign of the Zodiac that sits on the Ecliptic (the path of the Sun)  and represents our inner temple and magical gifts. Ophiuchus also represents all things organic, alchemical and elemental.  His element is Ether the 5th element,  which means that he has rule over the 4 other elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The Earth herself is his ruling Planet.  In mythology Ophiuchus represents Osiris in Egyptian and Enki in Sumerian who were one and the same person, but who was also known by other names.  Even Isis herself stated "I have been known by many names" and most of the 'gods' back then were known by many names due to the segregation of mankind into Tribes at the fall of Babylon. These later became known as nationalities and eventually 'races' which has caused a further divide among mankind, creating ancient wounds that have continued to be agitated, down our ancestral lines.  

The symbols that represent Ophiuchus are the Caduceus, the Oroborus and the Serpent. The Astrological Symbol of Ophiuchus holds the Sound Wave.  This was a gift passed down to him by his Mother Aquarius who also had natural healing abilities and  was a high Priestess of Serpent origin, the Dragon also belonged to the Serpent People. Ophiuchus himself was mixed,  part serpent/dragon and part Maldekan, Maldek was another Planet that used to exist in our Solar System. The depiction of the Constellation of Ophiuchus shows a man holding a serpent, basically, showing us the combination of his genetical makeup.


In Astrological terms Ophiuchus is the natural healer with a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to herbal medicine and alchemy, a lot of his teachings have been lost since the world has become more technological and chemically synthetic throughout the centuries. But since Ophiuchus has been making a come back we are finding that more and more people are bringing these precious gifts and sacred knowledge back into a world that is on the brink of self destruction.  Ophiuchus is rising, the birth of the Phoenix is near. 

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