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Cosmic Update Dec 19 - 31 - Full Moon - Venus Retrograde - Solstice

The Ophiuchan energy is still very strong and will continue to be into the New Year and beyond. Because of our ancient history and the genetically ingrained division created because of this Star Sign, there is a natural repel that many tend to feel when the Ophiuchan energy is strong.

Ophiuchus the doctor/healer is all about the organic way of life, it doesn’t mean to say that we need to be a vegetarian or vegan to reach the heights of spiritual strength and awareness when it comes to ascension. It really is about the synthetic versus the organic. Although, because of the populations expansion over time, synthetics such as pesticides etc have had to be introduced to maintain food production for the masses.

This also applies to medicine.

The aim was to never to go overboard and become completely reliant on these synthetic solutions, they were introduced to help support the organic systems not overtake them. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and take back self responsibility for our health and food production. As well as our financial systems where trade will become more common in our day to day living. A seed currency has already been set up and I’m sure there will be other forms of trade for the every day civilian people, as our economic systems crash under the strain of inflation.

We have some great opportunities coming up in 2022 to expand on solutions as more and more people come into realisation.

Click on the Image below to see video..

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