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Mercury Retrograde - August/September 2023

Greetings Kindred,

Here is the Mercury Retrograde Article, covering all 3 Phases. The Pre-Shadow, the Retrograde itself and the Post-Shadow. I will be releasing the Full Moon in Capricorn Video tomorrow, July 31st. I will also be releasing in the next few days a Video on the Lions Gate Portal.


As Mercury enters into Pre-Shadow he will be at 19 degrees Leo, this is the degree he will Retrograde back to in his full Retrograde Mode. The number 19 in Numerology is favourable for children and youth on the whole, it is a progressive number that is influenced by Leo, so a strong Leo influence here. It is also great for creative pursuits.

As Mercury enters the first phase of his Retrograde process, he will emit an abundance of enthusiasm when it comes to to us pushing forward on our goals or plans. The only problem with this, is that we can over exaggerate and turn those we want to impress to repel us instead. The kind of attention that Mercury is seeking here, isn't the attention that he gets!

Mercury will start his Pre-Shadow Phase in a T.Square formation alongside Mars and the Goddess Pallas and all three will be in Opposition to our Moon and Saturn Retrograde. All five bodies will be in Square to the Goddess Vesta who will be at 22 degrees in Taurus.

With Mercury, Mars and the Goddess Pallas all in Conjunction, there is this abundance of mental energy, but it sways more towards the negative than the positive. This little Stellium is rather egoistical and there is no filter when it comes to communication. Knowledge under this energy often comes in the form of 'story telling', so we must be factual when relaying important information in this way, or else it could lead to outrage rather than progress. This energy will mostly play out in the areas of politics and journalism.

With the above three Planets in Opposition to our Moon and Saturn Retrograde, it does create a lot of confusion and irritation, thats why we must be clear and factual with our data. Some may be intentionally sensationalising, whilst others just want a little bit of attention. This Opposition really is about division and cover ups and was in effect at the last New Moon which I spoke about in that particular Video... this Stellium can emit a very destructive energy that tends to erupt from pettiness and/or a superiority complex, rather than good reason. This can also apply to us on an individual level, depending on our personal charts, so we need to watch out for petty quarrels within our close relationships that can escalate and become out of control.

However a lot of these petty problems can stem from our finances or financial structures where an energy of depletion emits from the Moon, Mars Opposition. There is an emphasis here on debt, whether that be personal or institutional.

It can also be for some, that we are holding on too tightly to past habits, attitudes, or people/person, which blocks us from moving forward on our path which creates an air of stagnation and stuffiness. The Mars, Saturn Opposition does suggest rigidity and a lack of faith when it comes to releasing and trusting in the process. The more we hold onto something that is not ready to submit, is just a waste of time and energy. Blind faith is needed at this time.

Both Mars and Saturn represent the Military and where Military intervention may be needed on a collective level due to criminality and/or cruelty.

This Pre-Shadow Phase will definitely feel like a dark time especially since the Black Moon Lilith will be in Conjunction to our Sun in the Sign of Cancer, the Black Moon in Cancer is all about issues around Co- dependency and abandonment, in Conjunction to our Sun it really does bring these issues to the fore. There is definitely a feeling brewing around a loss of hope. It's a very depressing energy but we must remember that the Black Moon Lilith is about hidden gifts and the wisdom gained through facing our shadow side, so we can release our ego's to the wind and begin our healing journey that will lead us towards our true calling

We will also have our Moon in Quincunx to the Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter in Quincunx to the Goddess Ceres and Neptune in Quincunx to the South Node.

In all, there is a great need for us to truly know ourselves on an individual level so that we 'Know' where we truly fit in collectively, some of us may still be blind to our shadow side and maybe that's because we are not ready to face it; it's not our time... Some were not destined to do that in this lifetime...

Some of us may have decided a long time ago what path we were going to take in life when it comes to our personal mission, or calling. The thing is with these aspects is that our path that we thought was the one, may not actually be the one! Flexibility is needed but so is Self Power and Confidence, not in what we want to achieve as such, but in what we are capable of at this time... The here and now. Self healing may be needed for some, whilst for others there may be twists and turns in what needs to be compromised.

Let's look at the next Chart..


Once the Retrograde begins, Mercury will still be in Conjunction with Mars and the Goddess Pallas and creating a T.Square towards the Goddess Vesta, but instead of this little Stellium being in Opposition to Saturn Retrograde, they will be in Opposition to Neptune Retrograde. Mercury will also start his Retrograde at 33 degrees, this is the number numerologically of Mastery, Mastery of the Whole.

So basically as Mercury went into Pre-Shadow he was emitting an aggressive and authoritarian attitude, but now, he is highly sensitive about what others may think of him, there is also an element of manipulation since Mars and the Goddess Pallas are involved too. Remember, when Mercury is Retrograding through Leo it does represent 'story telling' and that's not to say that everybody's story is intentionally malicious, because sometimes we need to express information in story form so that the point we are making is easier to understand. But on the whole, with the political and journalistic industries being the way they are right now, it can be a ploy to manouvere us towards where they want us to be! The Mars, Neptune Opposition does point to underhandedness and deceit, it can also represent extremism when it comes to religion, this is why we need to know ourselves and meditate on who we are as an individual in the here and now and not what we want to become or achieve.

Self deception, game playing, infidelity, neurosis and addiction all fall under this T.Square. It is so important that we stand strong in our authenticity and stick to the facts.

This T.Square also represents an element of 'all talk and no action', Neptune's influence especially in Retrograde can make us flakey and lack commitment due to escapism tendencies, or it could be, that the action we need to take may in conflict with our spiritual belief's, this mostly applies to the more traditional religions where rules and regulations are at play. It is in my belief that our connection to the Divine is direct, we do not need to follow rules and regulations, these are manmade structures that have been manipulated again and again over time. That's not to knock traditional religions because many people that are involved in them, are good people. It is the manmade systems involved that tend to become corrupted.

So it may be that many will reach enlightenment through this Retrograde process, bringing in a new perspective, in their spiritual belief's or practices, especially since Mercury will also be in Trine to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, and in Sextile to our Moon. These aspects are brilliant for getting to the point, or getting to the root of things. Mercury's Trine to Jupiter and Uranus helps us to learn things quickly and independently, so that we can draw our own conclusions confidently. There is a genius mentality involved, as long as we keep it real in a straightforward way. Mercury's Trine to Pluto is powerful and helps us to understand the power of thought and how energy works. This is an aspect of an Astrophysicist, it will be beneficial to those who hold a deeper understanding of energy in all it's forms and how it manifests into our material world.

Overall these aspects can be of great help in getting us through a very dark time collectively, many are already aware that these challenging times are yet to reach their peak. The Black Moon Lilith was in Conjunction to our Sun as Mercury went into Pre-Shadow, but is now in Opposition to Saturn where everything just feels like it's falling apart. Most of us are already prepared since we have seen this coming for a very long time, but there are those that are still coming to the full realisation of what is really going on underneath the surface. We must hold onto our self faith, our self power and most importantly, our self truth.

Let's look at the next Chart.


@ 21:21 GMT (London UK)

As Mercury ends his Retrograde at 19 degrees he will be in Post Shadow until he reaches back to 33 degrees in Leo. Again, 19 in Numerology is a favourable number for children and youth, it is influenced by the Sign of Leo so has a strong effect since Mercury's Retrograde is through Leo. This is Phase three of Mercury's Retrograde, Phase two is the Retrograde itself.

As Mercury enters into Post Shadow he will come back into Opposition with Saturn Retrograde and in Trine to Jupiter Retrograde. Mercury is at his most uncomfortable in Phase three, since the backlash of his exaggerated, Pre-Shadow 'story telling', had caused him to clam up in Phase two (the Retrograde itself). He now feels a bit outcasted and overlooked. Although I would say in this instance that he has already played his part and was the instigator of a great awareness, although the cost of his exaggeration caused a lot of division and chaos. Sometimes the pot needs to be stirred for justice to be served in a righteous way, if we want it to occur quicker. But it's a risk taken that can be quite damaging to the human soul. Much healing may be needed during this time.

There is still a dark energy around that is oppressive and stagnant, but we must rise above it and embrace the opportunities that are also coming in. We need to understand that our state of mind creates our reality and the only way we can reap the rewards from the darker energy is to 'rise' above it. Many will feel depleted since Mars, Saturn, Pluto and the Black Moon Lilith have been very active and powerful. This is a time now of great change for good or ill.

With the North and South Node's in Square to Pluto, there does seem to be some heavy tension within the traditional religious institutions and the more organic spiritual practises that are considered as 'the occult', so basically, I see this as traditional spiritual beliefs versus the mystical, spiritual, practises. I feel there will be a further opposition towards alternative healing treatments too. Like I've said before, the more we fight for our freedom of choice is the more backlash we will come up against. Sudden changes are likely to occur both scientifically and spiritually and there will be an intolerance for those who don't want to go along with the changes being brought in during this time. It is important that we see things as they are and stay in our self power. Positive daily affirmations will be of help to keep us on the right path. This is a powerful time for manifestation rituals. We must also protect ourselves from psychic attacks as well as verbal attacks if we are against the status quo that is being enforced.

We must stay connected to our hearts and not act foolishly on impulse since our energy levels will tend to burn out quickly. This is understandable because there has been a constant battering down of anyone that goes against the grain, not just on an individual level but as a collective. We must stay grounded in our hearts and in our authenticity.

This is probably a time where important choices will have to be made, a time where we can no longer sit on the fence, but still! It is not a time to push ourselves too hard and know truly what our capabilities are as individuals. Emotional healing will be needed by many, especially those who have just recently reached enlightenment, those, who have been through the dark night of the soul. Ego's will be flying at this time but we must remain diplomatic, so that the 'egoists' further expose themselves for who they truly are.

Lets look at the next and final Chart of this Mercury Retrograde..


Mercury Post-Shadow ends when he reaches back to 33 degrees Leo. As Mercury Post-Shadow ends he will be back in Opposition to Neptune Retrograde and in Trine to Jupiter Retrograde, Uranus Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde as he was when Mercury's Retrograde began. Actually Mercury and Uranus will still be in a Kite Grand Aspect, so still High's and Low's when it comes to making choices.

Mars will no longer be in Square to Pluto but in Trine, which eases up on the tension and the urge to push ourselves beyond our capabilities. This is a time where it's a case of “it is what it is”, it is a time where we will need to rest and heal from the harsh energies that have been pretty brutal for many, although, the North and South Node's are still making a T.Square towards Pluto, this aspect has been ongoing throughout and was originally a Grand Cross beforehand. So the pressure is still there, but at least we don't feel like we are running around in different directions and ending up in the same ole, same ole...

It is important though, that when it comes to making 'choices' that we take our time, as many will act on impulse jumping on bandwagons that don't serve our highest and best. Again we must allow those who act on ego to expose their true intentions.

Keep the Faith (in yourself)

Peace & Much Love <3

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