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A Dynamical Time - Super Blue Full Moon - Retrograde Planets - August 2023

Greetings Kindred,

Thank you all for your ongoing love and support.

We are heading into another intense period which will create a lot of shift and changes, especially when it comes to direction and where we think we are heading. As we reach the end of August, many will feel quite depleted and even hopeless! The environmental noise is quite loud and there is a restless energy at large, however, we must follow our instincts and take the time to rest and recuperate so that we can make the most of the positive aspects or outcomes that are being offered to us.

It is time for us to get comfortable with our own individual uniqueness, this one size fits all society that we have been living under for quite a while now, has gone way past it's sell by date.

Since we are in a 7 numerological year, the Full Moon's of this year are powerful, especially this particular Super Blue Full Moon.....

Sending you All Peace & Much Love

Please click on the Image to watch my latest Cosmic Update <3

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Thank you so much SiStar 💯❤️🎯🎯🙏🏿🎉

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