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Mercury & Jupiter Go Direct

Both Mercury and Jupiter end there Retrograde Mode in our skies today October 18 2021, I did cover these in my New Moon Podcast on October 6. So this is just a reminder.

Today is a good day! Which is a welcome relief since the cosmic energies coming in, have been very intense. We must be aware though, that Mercury will continue to be in Post Shadow until November 2nd when he reaches the degree that he started his Retrograde Mode at.

Mars is still in conjunction with the Sun, (he was conjunct the Sun at the New Moon) and will still be in conjunction to the Sun at the upcoming Full Moon on October 20. This is Fire Power, intense, but if made use of in the right way, this super active energy, can help us to achieve a lot when it comes to our physical activities and getting the job done, especially now the Retrograde Season is coming to an end. Well except Neptune that will finish his Retrograde journey on December 1st and Uranus who will finish his Retrograde journey in January 2022.

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