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Mercury Retro

Mercury goes Full Retro - 14 January @ 11:42 GMT

Mercury left his pre-shadow mode and entered into Full Retrograde this morning here in the UK. As he began his retreat at 10 degrees Capricorn in the 'True Live Time Sky' he was in Conjunction with the Ruler of Capricorn, Saturn. This conjunction has a powerful affect on how we express our thoughts and feelings. Capricorn, like Aquarius, can come across as quite detached and stern, but as Mercury embarks on his Retrograde mission the seriousness of these planet placements together with the aspects, make it more of a reflective time when it comes to facing our inner truth's and gaining a better perspective of our situations, both personally and collectively. There is a lot of connectedness too going on with the Planetary energies, although the process may seem sluggish and slow. There is a need to lighten up a bit as the energies are clearing the way towards a much more grounded sense of being for many, after a long haul of confusion, or apathy. We are coming back to ourselves, our authentic selves whether that's for the good or not! It will depend on how we process things as individual's and what our moralistic values are.

The Sun will be Conjunct to Pluto and the Goddess Juno, Wow! This is a little powerhouse of transforming attitudes, where we can shed what doesn't serve us as sovereign beings. The Sun's light is being shone on truth, the truth of ourselves, the situations we are currently in as individual's or collectively and the truth of those who have been covering up any lies or deceit. The Sun shines his light into the dark corners and Pluto exposes, or disposes of, anything that is unauthentic. The Goddess Juno is all about commitment and traditional spiritual values and the Sun and Pluto are giving her the energy to commit to her own self power, her own organic resonance, which is all about bringing a balance between the masculine, (material) and the feminine, (spiritual) energies, that have been in conflict for so long..... Although, this may be easier said then done! Because if we over think things, or become too obsessed, or, are not in control of our emotions, then we could prolong the agony and have to learn our lessons the hard way.

For some though, the realisations or burdens that are upon them, will need a release when it comes to pent up emotions or frustration. New strategies must be based on solid ground and that may take a lot of self nurture and self healing first before venturing forward. For others, it may be a case of coming to terms with the realisation that they have been living in an illusion. Serious choices must be made for the future and that may take some adjusting to, either mentally or emotionally. I still feel that more info will be brought into the limelight over the coming weeks, info that some are already aware of, especially those that are tuned into their intuition. It may be a shock to those that aren't.

The T.square with the Moons Nodes, Ceres and Jupiter, heightens our intuition and pushes us out our comfort zones, it also impels us to connect with others which is emphasised by Jupiter's presence at 5 degrees in Aquarius. Our minds are definitely expanding now as a shift in our consciousness occurs. This shifting energy will be a very transforming time for many, as more and more come into their own self power and integrity, with the courage and the faith, in their own unique insights and abilities.

In addition to these powerful current Transits, is that the Black Moon Lilith, the Caster of Shadows, will be Conjunct the Moon in Taurus and in Opposition to Mars in Ophiuchus, this energy is disruptive and spontaneous, emotions are magnified and unpredictable, watch out for red flags!, hair trigger responses and the inability to express oneself in a diplomatic way. Deep breathing techniques, meditation, walks in the fresh air, singing, chanting, or anything else that as an individual helps you to release any pent up feelings or pressure. Watch out for over thinking things.

Peace & Much Love <3

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