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As Mercury begins its journey into the Pre-Shadow phase, it encounters a Grand Cross Aspect, signalling the emergence of new concepts and ideas amidst the backdrop of Mercury's Retrograde motion. However, caution is warranted to avoid blindly following trends or succumbing to confusion. It's a time to lean on integrity and wisdom to navigate through the instability that Mercury in Pre-Shadow may induce in our emotions.

During this phase, the conjunction of Chiron and the North Node urges us to confront unresolved emotional wounds, emphasising the importance of recognising and healing these wounds to bolster our self-worth. This process is crucial for enhancing confidence in our own intellect and intuition, steering clear of detachment from our emotional selves.

Inhibitions loom large, impeding the necessary growth and self-nurturing demanded by the prevailing empathic energies. Despite the allure of negative influences, perseverance is key, with a steadfast focus on shaping the future according to our desires. Breaking free from past patterns is essential, recognising our inherent worth and refusing to remain mired in cycles of unhappiness.

Additionally, a T-square involving Juno, Saturn, Venus, and Pallas highlights the need to examine toxic relationship dynamics. Whether stemming from issues of self-worth or a sense of loyalty, now is the time to reassess commitments and break free from detrimental cycles. This may entail shifting perspectives ingrained in our upbringing to forge healthier paths forward.

Additionally, there exists an ongoing grand kite formation, with Saturn positioned at its apex, imparting stability and order to maintain balance with integrity. This fire kite configuration underscores the significance of our willpower and passion. Jupiter's trine to Juno and sextile to Saturn within this kite offer assistance in addressing obstacles hindering self-growth and healing.

Faith and optimism serve as pivotal assets in navigating through any present challenges. Embracing honesty regarding our circumstances, however uncomfortable, proves essential in propelling us forward and shedding past inhibitions. This process fosters liberation from constraints, paving the way for personal growth and transformation.


As Mercury transitions into full retrograde, it finds itself in a square aspect with Pluto and in sextile to Vesta. The square to Pluto delves deep into the realities of our situations, often leading to harsh and begrudging thoughts that may foster resentment and subtle manipulation, potentially resulting in disruptive or destructive behaviour. It's crucial to address any resentments or suspicions directly, even if it means facing harsh words, as this openness prevents negative outcomes brewing beneath the surface and guards against cunning manipulation.

In its sextile to Mercury, Vesta facilitates the expression of thoughts amidst the tense atmosphere, inspiring us to maintain our divine essence and serve as messengers of hope.

The grand cross observed during the pre-shadow phase has now condensed into a T-square involving the Moon's Nodes, Mercury, and Chiron, directed towards Ceres and the Moon. This configuration delves deep into our psyches, continuing the ongoing healing process and reinforcing our core with self-love and nurture. Many may feel they've reached a low point or been pushed to their limits, prompting self-salvation aided by Vesta's guidance toward divinity and self-respect, fostering unconditional love and progress despite the lingering intensity.

Though many may find empowerment during this period, there might still be a sense of incompleteness, akin to a missing puzzle piece. However, as the retrograde phase concludes, clarity is expected to emerge, illuminating the path forward.


Mercury Retrograde concludes at the starting point of its pre-shadow phase and transitions into the Post-Shadow period until it returns to the 35-degree mark where its full retrograde mode began. As Mercury moves into the post-shadow phase, it remains within the T-square formation alongside the Moon's Nodes and Chiron, with the addition of Venus now participating in the T-square directed towards Ceres.

With Venus now part of the equation and the fading of Plutonian energy, the intense energies ease up, though the healing journey continues. It's important to avoid becoming careless and to respect others' space, as many individuals may begin to experience deep compassion while others are still grappling with their circumstances. The presence of Venus in this tense aspect can feel suffocating, given its conjunction with Chiron, Mercury, and the North Node, forming a stellium that typically signifies competitive energy. Ceres, at the forefront of the T-square, faces increased pressure to restore balance in nurturing aspects, particularly in relation to financial systems and food industries, as Venus governs finances and Ceres oversees food and diet.

We must prioritise our health and conserve resources, as this aspect may tempt us to disregard them. Maintaining integrity is crucial to avoid embarking on fruitless endeavours that squander opportunities for growth and clarity. It's a common misconception among those familiar with Mercury retrograde that its conclusion marks the end of the cycle; however, the post-shadow phase, along with the pre-shadow, holds equal significance to the retrograde itself.

In addition to the T-square, the Black Moon Lilith opposes Mars, potentially leading to explosive bursts of impatience and sudden outbursts of anger. Mars is also in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, the same sign Mercury is retrograding through, underscoring the importance of grounding ourselves and staying anchored in reality amidst the allure of dreams and false hope. While this period may offer opportunities for powerful manifestations, harnessing this potential requires considerable wisdom and inner strength. There may be a collective upheaval during this time, challenging our self-discipline and orderliness. Regardless of the circumstances, it's imperative to maintain a sense of wisdom and discernment.


As the Post-Shadow phase concludes, Mercury remains in conjunction with Chiron, although the Nodes are no longer in play. While the pressure has somewhat eased, issues persist regarding our confidence in intellectualising. Talking therapies may prove beneficial for some, while others may simply need to balance their emotions with reasoning. These aspects have been out of sync, contributing to the intense atmosphere throughout this Mercury Retrograde, especially given the concurrent solar and lunar eclipses, which added to the intensity and drama.

However, as the Post-Shadow phase concludes, the Moon opposes Pluto, with both forming a square aspect to Mercury, indicating ongoing tension. This may mark the grand finale of this retrograde period, given the Moon's rapid movement, suggesting the energy won't linger for long. Overall, this signifies the aftermath of the intense energies experienced when Mercury went into full retrograde on April 1st, characterised by a tense and uneasy atmosphere. However, with many planets and points having moved on, this energy represents a clearing of the remnants. Nonetheless, this retrograde has been notably dominant, and there's likely a sense of relief now that it has concluded. Yet, it's wise to remain vigilant and observe the upcoming planetary energies before fully relaxing.

Keep the Faith

Peace & Much Love <3

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Thank You so much SiStar! It’s gonna be in interesting April Fools Day Mercury Retrograde Eclipse Season right here X across America!


Thank you, SiStar! 💛😘✨⛎

I appreciate you so much!!!

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