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Mercury Retrograde - April to May 2023 - All 3 Phases

Updated: Apr 10, 2023


Mercury entered into Pre-Shadow at 6 degrees in Aries on April 7. Mercury will reach16 degrees in Aries before the Retrograde itself begins. Both the Pre-Shadow and Post Shadow are just as relevant as the Retrograde itself.

In Aries Mercury Retrograde tends to be more impulsive and challenging than usual, this energy is very antagonising and can create a lot of irritability and tension. This energy also creates a need for mental stimulation and self worth which can lead us into problematic and aggressive situations since Aries is not necessarily tactful when it comes to

communication and Mercury is all about communication, as well as, how we think and how we absorb information.

In this instance with Mercury Pre-Shadow, in conjunction with the North Node and in opposition to the Moon and the South Node which are both in Virgo, there is likely to be a lot of tension rippling through our societies. Ever since ancient times the trend has always been to 'divide and conquer', by those establishments that want full control of the people and even countries and I see this escalating throughout this particular Mercury Retrograde. Although, this pattern of agitation is wearing a bit thin in these current times, as they have done in the past.

Mercury Pre-Shadow is also in a Grand Cross Aspect with the Moon, the Moon's Nodes, Pluto and the Black Moon Lilith. Because the Moon is involved in this phase of Mercury's Retrograde, there is a strong possibility of things becoming very distorted and out of sync which can lead to unproductive actions or reactions. Unconscious emotional patterns are likely to emerge at this time, things that have been brewing under the surface will erupt out of the blue.

There is a very destructive energy being emitted by this particular Grand Cross. False accusations, manipulating narratives and jumping on bandwagons are at the forefront of this Mercury Pre-Shadow.

There will be an abundance of mental energy throughout and it is important that we release it productively, we must think before we speak, not jump to conclusions on a whim, or accept a narrative on face value. Since the Moon and the South Node will be in Virgo opposing Mercury Pre-Shadow and the North Node, there will be a need for us to find a way to calm our minds and release nervous tension through alternative therapies, or in art form. Because the atmosphere surrounding us is likely to be very uncomfortable, making us feel on edge and restless.

There is a strong element of 'dis-ease' with Pluto in square to the Moon and in opposition to the Black Moon Lilith, the vibes will be felt by all, it is a very triggering time, but it's how we deal with this energy that counts. Many will find it difficult to remain focused during this time which causes us to be further out of sync when it comes to our environments. We will fare better if we just follow our intuition and common sense rather than to act or react egoistically, or in haste.

Deep breathing techniques will help to keep us calm and will be especially beneficial if we are doing it out in the fresh air surrounded by peace and tranquility. Our psychic energies will be strong, so watch out for vivid dreams and telepathic or clairvoyant downloads.


Mercury will enter into full Retrograde mode at 16 degrees Aries on April 21. Mercury's Retrograde will also coincide with the New Moon Solar Eclipse that will occur the day before, on the 20th at 0 degrees in Aries.

As Mercury enters into Retrograde, he will be in conjunction to the Moon and Uranus, so where the Moon was in opposition to Mercury when the Pre-Shadow started, the Moon will now be right in Mercury's face! Emotions and sensitivities will be very volatile especially since Uranus is also conjunct the Moon and Mercury, causing our impulsive natures to be more prominent and reactive, especially if we are not willing to play ball with whatever demands are made on us.

Our energies are likely to deplete very quickly during this time, many are already exhausted due to the last few years where 'dis-ease' has reigned in a powerful and unrelenting way.

Our Sun will be at 25 degrees Pisces when Mercury goes into Pre-Shadow, but will be at 1 degree in Aries when the Mercury Retrograde begins.

Our Sun will be involved in a T.square with the Goddess Vesta and the North Node all conjunct and all 3 will be in opposition to the South Node in Virgo, together they will all be creating a T.square towards Pluto who has just recently entered into Capricorn. This is an energy of a 'Crusade' for good or ill. It is a time where we will need to stay in our spiritual integrity as we are being pushed way out of our comfort zones.

With Jupiter in quincunx aspect to Ceres, and Saturn in opposition to the Black Moon Lilith, it suggests a very frustrating and restricting time. It also suggests a lack of self confidence and a lack of nourishment in all its forms. We must look after our well being and know our self value.

We must not deceive ourselves or allow ourselves to be deceived by those who expect us to sacrifice way too much for so little in return.

Our spiritual values will only be appreciated and respected by those with a like mind. Self empowerment programs, cleansing rituals, prayer and all things that are good for our souls will be beneficial, as the physical, material world continues to intensify.

Watch out for dominating situations that are all about power and control. Again false accusations and manipulation will be the name of the game.


Mercury Retrograde ends at 6 degrees Aries, where his Pre-Shadow started. Although the Retrograde ends we will be in Post Shadow until May 31 when Mercury reaches back to 16 degrees where his actual Retrograde began. This is also the day of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 6 degrees in Libra. Pluto would have entered into Retrograde on May 1st.

This day is more about the Global Community than an individual one.

As Mercury ends his Retrograde and enters into Post Shadow he will be in conjunction with Jupiter and the North Node. On one hand it gives us an ability to expand the mind or to gain a broader perspective of the current trends at play. On the other, it can encourage us to go along with the current trends without even questioning it's authenticity or truth.

As Mercury ends his Retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse takes place in Libra, the Sun will also enter into Taurus which shows a powerful shifting energy. The Moon will be in conjunction to Neptune too, which suggests that many people will be in a place of confusion or escapism due to the overwhelming tensions at play. Underhandedness and deceit has always played its part throughout humanity's existence, but every now and then throughout the 'ages', it gets to a point where the exposure of the same ole, same ole, reaches a climax, where a R-

Evolution takes place to bring balance back into a troubled society or societies. Although, initially, it's chaos.

We also have a powerful T.square on this day with Mars the ruler of Aries in opposition to Pluto Retrograde (please watch my video on Pluto Enters Capricorn for more information) and both are in square to Mercury Post Shadow, Jupiter and the North Node. This is a further escalation of social and political issues that borderline on extremism. Not that we are unfamiliar with these issues, but some of us will be quite surprised at just how far they can be pushed to, and just when we thought they couldn't get any more intense. Wow! This will be the grand finale.

There will be a lot of ego's flying around and selfish attitudes, which will stir up a lot of agitation or even destruction on a wider scale. With Mars in Square to Jupiter, it suggests a lack of honour and a self gratification energy for those who desire power and control. There is also a possibility of volcanic explosions. There will definitely be a 'shockwave' that ripples through our Global Communities regarding opposing forces, or forces of nature. Whatever occurs there will be a reality check had by all regardless of political, social or religious belief's.

Underhanded or secret plans may surface out of the blue, especially when it comes to our religious, cultural, educational and philosophical institutions. During this time of the Post Shadow we can expect to see a lot of unrest in our communities as dogmatic rules are enforced.


Mercury's Retrograde comes to a complete end on May 31st at 16 degrees Aries.

As Mercury Post Shadow ends he will be in conjunction to both Uranus and the Goddess Vesta. On one hand these conjunctions will bring us that sense of oneness when it comes to our sense of unconditional love, authenticity and spiritual convictions. There is an element of oneness, a recognition of our divinity and an ability to take it forward into the public arena to encourage others to empower themselves. For those that do take it forward, there will be a backlash of criticism, as Mercury will also be in square to both Mars and the Goddess Pallas.

There will be a lot to process after this Mercury Retrograde comes to completion. Our minds are likely to be very active and overloaded. I feel that many will still be in a place of 'shell shock' and facing the truth of their situations. Healing time will be needed and there are those that are prepared for this time knowingly or unknowingly! These conjunctions show that many will be kickstarting their life's mission and joining those that are already on their life path, living out their true calling.

Mercury will be in quincunx to the Moon and the Moon will be in opposition to Chiron the wounded healer, which shows and confirms that many will be in discomfort when it comes to facing up to traumatic experiences, either from the past or the present. Some may feel numb and unable to express themselves, others may be highly emotional and react impulsively. The outlook is likely to sway more towards pessimism and our energies will need re-charging. Throughout the next few months, there is definitely an escalation of tension and unrealistic demands.

Venus in sextile to Mercury gives a soothing voice, harmonics and sound baths will be very healing and regenerating. We should avoid overthinking things and be authentic in our evaluations. But most of all, we must stand true to our morals and principles, especially when it comes to our children and our children's futures.

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