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Mercury Retrograde Nov 2023- Jan 2024

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


At 12:40 GMT on November 25, 2023, Mercury will commence its pre-shadow phase at 14 degrees in the Sign of Ophiuchus. The symbolism of the number 14, associated with the forces of nature, hints at the latent power waiting to be unleashed. This degree resonates with the Taurean traits of perseverance and determination, influencing the realms of growth, art, music, and vocal expression. In the abstract domain of Ophiuchus, Mercury's communication may test the mental and verbal waters, contrasting with Taurus's more direct approach. Both signs share a foundation of strong instincts, albeit from different sources—Ophiuchus drawing from the Ether, and Taurus from its inherent nature. As Mercury stirs energies in pre-shadow, it plants seeds in the subconscious, promising impactful results, albeit not immediately comprehensible.

During this phase, Mercury in pre-shadow forms a sextile with Venus, Taurus's ruler, indicating long-term benefits. The juxtaposition of Ophiuchan and Taurean energies may challenge those accustomed to a concrete worldview, favoring those attuned to psychic instincts. The trine to the North Node suggests unconventional routes for messages, requiring astuteness to decipher between the lines. Further, a trine to Chiron in Pisces imbues a healing, subliminal energy, promoting well-being through practices like sound baths and herbal remedies. The medical industry might take center stage during Mercury's retrograde process.

A T-square involving Neptune, retrograding in Pisces, and the Black Moon Lilith in Leo adds an air of confusion and distortion. Absent-mindedness, disorganization, and unreliability may dominate, fueled by a tendency towards escapism and underhandedness.

As the Sun aligns with Mars and Ceres in Libra, influencing a strategic approach, the Full Moon in Taurus (November 27) and New Moon in Ophiuchus (December 12) occur under the influence of Mercury pre-shadow.


On December 13 at 7:09 GMT, Mercury begins its retrograde journey at 11 degrees in Sagittarius. This phase signals a period of directional uncertainty and dependence on external guidance. Grounding techniques and meditation are advised, considering the lingering Ether influence from the Sun transiting Ophiuchus. Mercury's trine to retrograding Jupiter in Aries introduces distractions, hindering clarity and resolution. A sextile to Venus and Pallas offers potential solutions for fairness and change, though genuine intent is crucial.

The Goddess Vesta's opposition to the Moon, forming squares towards Neptune, warns of emotional overruling of reason. A realistic outlook is necessary to navigate the information overload. Mercury retrograde persists through the Full Moon in Gemini on December 27.


Mercury Retrograde concludes at 14 degrees in Ophiuchus, initiating the post-shadow phase until Mercury returns to 11 degrees in Sagittarius. In post-shadow, Mercury trines Chiron, encouraging alternative healing techniques. The North Node's quincunx to Mercury and Goddess Juno brings up deep-seated emotional issues, challenging trust and comfort zones. A grand cross involving the Moon, Neptune, and Goddesses Juno and Vesta emphasizes the need for emotional responsibility and grounding techniques. Post-shadow extends through the New Moon in Sagittarius on January 11, 2024.


The culmination of Mercury's post-shadow period occurs at 4:00 GMT on January 21, 2024, when Mercury retrograde retreats to 11 degrees in Sagittarius. At this juncture, Mercury aligns with Mars, ushering in a surge of mental energy marked by expansiveness. While clarity emerges, the atmosphere remains charged with competitiveness and repetitive debates, as individuals seek to assert their voices. Mercury resumes its trine with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, fostering a sense of self-righteousness rooted more in defensiveness and insecurities than factual understanding. A quincunx to the Moon in Taurus adds nuances to communication dynamics.

As Mars squares Chiron and Venus transitions to 0 degrees in Sagittarius, a prevailing self-denial and detachment from reality persist. Nevertheless, a collective clarity prevails, albeit acknowledged or not.

The Sun and Pluto's conjunction at 0 degrees in Capricorn, a significant alignment, signifies a profound shift in consciousness. Having entered Capricorn on March 22, 2023, Pluto briefly retrograded into Sagittarius in June/July. The conjunction at 0 degrees indicates a potentially mind-blowing transformation. Both the Sun and Pluto square Jupiter, accelerating power struggles and authoritative tendencies. Caution is advised against overly optimistic projections, urging a closer examination of promises that seem too good to be true.

Despite a sense of reaching the other side of distortion with the Sun and Moon in Trine, there's a caution against potential manipulation and false hope. Those discerning the underlying reality will experience relief, recognizing that the hard work invested in authenticity aligns with a larger perspective. The apparent allure of false promises is unveiled as rooted in fear—fear of loss or failure. Brace yourself, as 2024 promises to be a year of substantial significance and transformation.

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Thank you so much SiStar! Much appreciated 🙏🏾

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24 Νοε 2023

Thank you for this article. The part mentioning, "We must work on centring ourselves with grounding techniques and meditation" was perfect timing since I just bought a grounding kit on sale at earthing dot com.

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