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R-Evolution - Pluto Enters Capricorn - March 2023

Greetings Kindred,

Pluto will officially move into Capricorn March 22nd 2023, this transition will be strongly felt especially with the aspects that the Black Moon Lilith is making towards both Pluto and Saturn. These energies are bringing to the surface some very deep and emotional stress either from the past or the present, depending on our own individual situations or experiences.

This year will be very similar to 2020 in the respect of people coming together publicly and being mistreated for standing by their spiritual and moral convictions. We are truly being pushed outside of our comfort zones as things start to escalate in all areas of our established systems.

Sometimes their is a need to "Rock the Boat!" and stand strong in our self power. Deep breathing techniques will help us to keep our two feet on the ground .

Keep the Faith - Peace & Much Love <3

Click on the image below to watch my latest Cosmic Update.....

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2 comentarios

Thank you SiStar! Much love and peace to you and your family

Me gusta

Thank you SiStar ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Me gusta
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