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The 3 Phases of Mercury REtrograde - April - June 2022

Mercury PreShadow – April 26 2022

Mercury will enter into pre-shadow at 2 degrees Taurus on April 26 at 0:45 in the GMT Timezone. Mercury is already in conjunction with the North Node as he enters pre-shadow, which means that it is a collective energy. If Mercury was in any other Sign, especially an Air Sign, or even a Fire Sign, then it would make for a fantastic thought process that would be much more forward thinking and open minded. Although, the North Node is currently transiting Aries which is a Fire Sign. So, overall, Mercury in Taurus can slow us down from the fast paced Arian quick to act without thinking tendency, giving us cause to be cautious and taking our time when it comes to making bold decisions. And this would be an almost perfect combination if Mercury was in Direct Mode and not in Pre-Shadow. Actually, Mercury Retrograde in Taurus is very uncomfortable in this particular phase of the Retrograde Process, as he tends to be more introverted and insecure as he tends to over reflect on his own self importance which tends to be based more on ego and emotional insecurities rather than clear thinking. Therefore, he can become overly sensitive to differences of opinion that make him feel uncomfortable. It is in this phase of the Taurean Mercury Retrograde Process that the Taurean insecurities and dislike of change can be his downfall, because with the Moon conjunct Mars and Mars is the Ruler of Aries, shows that strong emotional feelings can be a block towards a use of common sense and diplomacy. So collectively this phase of the Retrograde Process can make for conflict and frustration.

What also adds to the above, is that Mercury in pre-shadow and in Taurus, and our North Node in Aries, will both be in square to Saturn, which also creates an inability to think clearly or act in a diplomatic way, since narrow mindedness and pettiness can create an attitude of intimidation, especially towards those who want to embrace change for the betterment of mankind. There is a tendency with this aspect to stick to what we know when it comes to authority or the law. Now, this may not be a bad thing if it means that true justice can be had! There are some circumstances where true justice is very much needed, but overall, I see the division within the collective and global communities being aggravated during this particular Retrograde Phase.

Pluto will be in Trine to both Mercury Pre-Shadow & the North Node, in a way this is fantastic for getting to the core root of things, but it is a pretty deep and complex aspect for those who go with the flow of societal trends. Only those who have that gift of pattern recognition in certain scientific fields will truly be able to grasp the concepts that are coming to light. There is a controversy around psychology and manipulation that has been ongoing for sometime now, but we are at a precipice of revelations and if we can be bold enough or strong enough to face the reality and truth of what is emerging, than solutions can be found quickly and efficiently. For some, it could be a pretty overwhelming time where burying our head in the sand is a far more comfortable spot to be in. However, it will have to be faced at some point. Sexual exploitation may be another subject that blows up in some way. Pluto will enter into Retrograde too on April 29, the day before the New Moon Solar Eclipse that takes place Aries! So we can expect some sort of exposure, truth or transition to emerge quite quickly, either within ourselves or collectively/globally.

As always I recommend that we get into our creative energy for release and self expression. As much as our Mercury pre-shadow will be kinda intense, there are aspects towards the Mercury pre-shadow that are bringing in some wonderful and creative vibes, although, we may not be able to really appreciate these gifts until a little bit later on. This would be a fantastic time to write things down for those of us that are not so affected by this pre-shadow's activities, since the amount of intensity that affects us will depend on our own individual charts. If we can see this time as just a period of growing pains, then I think we are definitely on the right path.

Mercury Enters Full Retrograde - May 10 2022 at 12:48 GMT

Mercury will enter into his full Retrograde Mode at 11 degrees in Taurus and will still be in Trine to Pluto, although Pluto will now be in Retrograde himself too in Sagittarius. Pluto will enter into Capricorn around February 2023. Mercury will be at the brunt of a T.Square as he enters into full Retrograde with our Moon in opposition to the Goddess Juno and both in Square to Mercury. The Moon in opposition to Juno will create an unstable energy when it comes to our emotions regarding our traditional values and our commitments. Many misunderstandings are likely to take place during this time so we must watch out for being out of sync with our loved ones. There can be a lack of open mindedness with this Grand Aspect and maybe a little bit of pettiness or being too self absorbed in our evaluations. We must be open to listening to another's point of view as well as speaking our own. Communications are likely to be pretty intense.

With Mars conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, there can be a battle of wills or an unrealistic approach to situations that are based on ego rather than rational thought, or it could be that consequences of the like come to light. Mars conjunct Jupiter can create a chauvinistic energy that relishes in showmanship and control. Whilst Mars conjunct Neptune can create an energy of disaster due to impulsive behaviour, especially when it comes to damage caused through chemical substances, (drugs being the main theme here!)

This is emphasised by our Sun who will still be in Aries at this time and in conjunction to Uranus and the North Node, which portrays a scientific breakthrough that brings about a sudden and major event! The Sun in conjunction to Uranus is all about a higher consciousness and where universal laws override manmade laws...... Although, this event may not fully reveal itself until after the Lunar Eclipse that takes place on May16 in the Sign of Libra the Sign of Justice and balance.

Mercury Retrograde Ends and Enters into Post Shadow – June 3 2022 at 9:01 GMT

Mercury Retrograde ends but will be in Post Shadow until June 18, after the Full Super Moon that takes place in Ophiuchus on June 14. This is a much more comfortable Phase for the Taurean Mercury Retrograde as he has now retrograded back to 2 degrees which was when his pre-shadow started and is now familiar territory to him, which he prefers to be in. He will also be back in a close conjunction with the North Node in Aries, but I feel he will be in a much clearer frame of mind, although things may still seem pretty dark. As he enters into Post Shadow there is still an element of sticking to what we know, but many will be in the 'know' so to speak! Mercury will also be sitting right on top of a Grand Kite Aspect together with the North Node. The Body of the Kite which is the Grand Trine, is with our Moon, Neptune and the South Node, which creates a kind of 'deja vu', have we been here before? For some it could be a download of past life experiences, or a recognition of what it takes to really create a peaceful society. This Kite shows that there is a great possibility of a reunification of society where people start to come together in a more positive way than of late. But looking at this date does show that the numerological universal 6 year energy is at its peak which is all about humanitarian values, it is at this point that the spiritual universal 7 energy of 2023 starts to seep in from here onwards leaving that universal 5 shifting and deceptive energy of 2021 behind. Although, other aspects in this chart does show that we will still need to keep our wits about us. Mercury and the North Node at the top of this Grand Kite Aspect does offer a much more balanced mind, as long as we are focusing on our health and well being, but we are being given the space to be allowed to do this. Although, this Grand Kite seems to be more significant to our spiritual health since the frequencies will actually be the calm after the storm! True motivations of all kinds will be out in the open, although there could be some stuff still going on behind the scenes, that can mean, that we are being led into a false sense of security so as to avoid drama or confrontations. I feel really positive about this particular time and maybe I am just not so at ease because I do feel that we have been here before, just like now really! As I am writing this things are pretty relaxed here in the UK regardless of the financial crisis, but, I can feel a stirring in the wind and a step backwards on the horizon. I am writing this article on April 25, so of course what I have already written hasn't yet occurred. Fingers crossed all will go in our favour at the end of the day, but in my logic and research of future charts, I feel that this is another time where the Universe giving us some breathing space :)

Keep the Faith

Peace & Much Love <3

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