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The Full Moon's of 2023 will be Potent

Greetings Kindred

The intense energies that have been coming in from the recent Solar and Lunar Eclipses have been off the chart! Triggers have been going off all over the place; discontent, anxiety & a lack of energy are just a few of the symptoms being felt.

Humanity on the whole has been under extreme pressure for several years now, but I am honored to see that most of us have ridden these intense waves with dignity, regardless of the backlash that many of us have endured for speaking our minds and standing strong against the tides.....

Exploitation and manipulation are the themes we need to continue to be aware of as we enter into 2023 which will be a Universal 7 Year, Numerologically.

We also have a big shift of energy occurring in February when Pluto Transits into Capricorn. Wow! This shift will be a major event. I have mentioned in many of my Podcasts how Saturn (the Ruler of Capricorn) in Mythology, is the father of Pluto, this relationship was not an easy one since Pluto strongly resented his father and banished him to Earth after taking the Throne of 'Maldek'. (Another Planet that used to exist in our Solar System). Therefore, Pluto's Transit through Capricorn will be chaotic and very exploitive and exposing when it comes to our man-made systems.

When it comes to the number 7, it is the number of spirit and the mystical. 7 also governs the cyclic law of time, breaking back the natural to the spiritual, rather than the material. So it is important that we continue to develop our Faith, not necessarily in a religious sense as such, but definitely within ourselves, our higher consciousness and our moralistic values.

7 is associated with the Full Moon, so all manifestations and rituals that take place during the Full Moon Phases in 2023 will be super powerful. It is so important with this in mind, that we remember that the law of Karma will be just as strong, especially since Saturn is also the Planet of Karmic experiences. Our rituals or manifestations must be for the betterment of all.

Another factor to consider, is that Neptune is currently Transiting his own Sign of Pisces, this too emphasises powerful manifestations. We must make sure that we are grounded and not building "Castles in the Sky" to make the most of this magical time.

Throughout this numerological 7 year the veil between us and the spirit realm will be very thin and it is important for those that wish to connect to this realm, that they do so with confidence and spiritual strength. Magic will be the name of the game in 2023 and of course Ophiuchus is the master of magic! Saturn was also the father of Ophiuchus too! So we can tap into the Ophiuchan energy for healing, enlightenment and ascension.

We will see and experience quite a lot when it comes to these subjects in 2023. There may even be a new spiritual movement that birth's out of this year.

Unfortunately, we will still see separation on the menu, as well as (R)evolution and Liberation. We must not jump on bandwagons or jump to conclusions, we must make sure that we are in complete resonance with every step that we take throughout this coming year, mentally, emotionally and most of all, spiritually.

Keep the Faith and stay in your Self Power

Much Love <3

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