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Wearing The Crown Of Righteousness - Full Moon April 6 2023

Greetings Kindred,

What a powerful time we are going through, the energies are really pushing us out of our comfort zones where we are definitely seeing things a little bit differently. There are a lot of high's and low's with the energies coming in. Sometimes we may feel like we have an abundance of energy whilst at other times, we just fall into a slump. The energies are super intense and just when we thought that they couldn't get any tenser....... Well let's say no more! Maybe literally :)

We must stay strong and in our integrity as the energies hype up with Pluto's recent transit into Capricorn, The Black Moon Lilith's oppositions to both Saturn and Pluto. As well as Mercury who will be going into Pre-Shadow of his Retrograde the day after the Full Moon on April 7th.

Keep the Faith & Much Love <3

Click on the Image below to see my latest Cosmic Update..... Full Moon - April 6 2023

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Thank you so much, SiStar ❤️🎉🎉🙏🏿🎯

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