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Greetings Kindred,

Happy New Moon and apologies for not getting time to do a video. My mind though has been quite focused on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Mercury entered into pre-shadow at the 12.12 Portal and as he slowed down to go into full retrograde on December 29, he was at 11 degrees in Sagittarius. This is the degree he will retrograde back to before he enters into direct mode on January 18 2023, although, he will be in Post Shadow until February 7 2023.

I have noticed since the Solstice which occurred on December 21, a lightening of the intense energy we have all been experiencing in one way or another. The Solstice took place three days after the Sun entered into the more optimistic Sagittarius. However, many of us are still experiencing the burden of Pluto's and the Black Moon Lilith's opposition. At this New Moon in Sagittarius, the Black Moon Lilith will also be opposing Mercury and Venus, so whilst we are feeling more uplifted, the outlook is still somewhat bleak, especially for those that have a dominant Planet in either Gemini or Sagittarius in the 13 Sign System, These are the areas where this intense opposition is taking place.

The Black Moon Lilith was also in conjunction with the Moon at 12.12 Portal and where Mercury also went into Pre Shadow of his Mercury Retrograde. So if we think back to this particular date, I think many of us will remember this energy being very triggering, especially emotionally, since both the Black Moon Lilith and the Moon were in conjunction in the Sign of Cancer. Both were also in opposition to Pluto. So I think this New Moon and the Solstice has given us a little bit of oomph!

I will be doing a video before December 29 on Mercury Retrograde and the coming New Year. January through to March will be a very interesting time since Uranus Retrograde, an Mars Retrograde will go direct in January. The Chinese New Year will also take place in January where we will be leaving the Tiger year behind and entering into the year of the Rabbit. In February, Saturn will enter into Aquarius and in March Pluto will enter into Capricorn (apologies I previously said February!) Actually, Pluto will enter into Capricorn right on top of the March Equinox! Wow!

Anyway. I will catch up with you all soon. Happy Holidays to those who celebrate :)

Stay in Peace.....

Much Love <3

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Thank you so much!❤🙏🏿

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