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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - May 2022

Greetings Kindred

This is a very intense time for many, with a lack of motivation and energy. Please do take it easy, relaxation will be difficult but deep breathing techniques, daily positive affirmations, epsom salt baths, prayer, chanting, or theta music will definitely be of help through this very inhibiting time.

We really must get our heads around becoming more self sufficient when it comes to growing our own vegetables etc.... there are many YouTube Videos out there for those that are interested and people already doing this are more than happy to impart their wisdom, its just a case of reaching out :). Learn about companion plants too that will help in delivering a healthy harvest.

I have linked here a Questionnaire for those of you that want to learn this True Live Time Sky System so that I can gage how many of you are interested and what your level of understanding is in astrology. I have also linked an offer I am doing at the moment for a 6 month Transit Report for $20 to cover the rest of this year. This is a personal horoscope which will let you know what energies will be affecting you personally. Preparation is key to flow with the energies coming in as graciously as possible..

Thank you all for your continued support

Much Love


Fill in the Questionnaire at the link below

Order a 6 Month Transit Report for $20

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