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New Moon - Saturn Retro - May 2022

Updated: May 29, 2022

Greetings Kindred, Happy New Moon :)

The energies are still pretty intense and limiting but I feel we are reaching the precipice of a breakthrough, it won't be a final conclusion, but it will be a big step forward for humanity on a collective level. These events may happen suddenly so watch out for quick out of the blue changes, or turn arounds. These sudden events will be affecting us all differently depending on how the Planetary energies are affecting our own individual Natal Charts.

The 7 Month Transit Report is still on offer for $20. This Report covers the rest of this year as a guide to how the planetary energies will be affecting you personally. This offer will end on June 14, when the Full Moon takes place in the Sign of Ophiuchus.

Click the link below to book your 7 Month Transit Report

I have also re-linked the Questionnaire, for those of you that are interested in taking Astrology Classes with me on learning the 'True Live Time Sky System. Thank you, to those of you that have already filled in this Questionnaire

Click on the link below to fill in the Questionnaire Form for Astrology Classes

Click on the Image below for my latest Podcast

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